JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Tom Henry

JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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JBL recently launched one of its best-selling speakers in its series, the JBL Clip 4 comes for those who love to take their favorite music everywhere.

The JBL Clip 4 is a speaker that looks simple, but it really is a speaker that packs a lot of power despite its size. It is very ideal to take anywhere and resistant to light falls. This powerful speaker has a 5W output, an increase of 1.7W over the previous generation.

It sounds quite good and with an accurate frequency response it complements many musical genres, in my case I listen to Heavy Metal, this speaker is very ideal for this genre since the voices and the different instruments sound quite good. It may be that for users who like Rap or music that has to do with a lot of bass, JBL Clip 4 has some bass that is not so accurate.

Bluetooth pairing is very simple, just press the Bluetooth button and pair with the device you want to connect to enjoy music. Apart from the Bluetooth button, it also comes with the power button, the play button, the volume down button and the volume up button.

Of the things that can surprise the user of this speaker a lot, is that the build quality is very good, we have a device that is built to withstand falls and be in different types of environments for the user’s enjoyment. But the most exciting thing is that it is resistant to water and dust.

The JBL Clip 4 has amazing sound, even when we turn the volume up to 100% it doesn’t feel like it’s drowning out like some speakers I’ve tried before, this one keeps its volume quality from 1 to 100. Of the things I’m really disappointed it is the battery of the device. JBL says the Clip 4 has a battery life of up to 10 hours, but in my tests it could only last around 5 hours on. It may be that having a volume at 100% it is possible that this happened on the occasions that I could test them, but regardless of this, it should last at least 8 hours with the volume at maximum.


The JBL Clip 4 is a perfect speaker to have every day in any situation, for those who love to take music wherever they want without problems. The sound is excellent, and it features Bluetooth with an impressive range, so the speaker can pick up a signal even if your device is far away. You can take it to a pool without fear of damage as it has an IP67 dust and water resistance rating that certifies that it is completely dustproof and submersible to up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. I hope that for the next version JBL will take a lot into account the battery life and that at least one change in the design, who knows maybe an RGB would not hurt for a better appearance. This review was made thanks to the speaker provided by JBL.

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