John Wick 5: the movie on the way? It is more complicated than that

Tom Henry

john wick 5: the movie on the way? it is

Will the most famous contemporary action movie saga be entitled to a John Wick 5? This is the question that is currently being asked and which the director is trying to answer

John Wick 4 was a real success and necessarily difficult in these conditions not to ask questions about the potential creation of an episode 5. Especially since Keanu Reeves himself and the director of the saga Chad Stahelski, are quite enthusiastic about this idea . However, nothing is certain yet, to say the least. Here’s what we can learn about it.

John Wick 5, yes or no?

The father of the saga John Wick, alias Chad Stahelski was interviewed by Empire magazine, which is known for always having crisp information on cinema. The main question and which obviously emerges from the interview concerns the possibility and feasibility of an episode 5 of John Wick. It states in particular in the preamble:

Now that we’ve done all four and come full circle, so to speak, I think that’s a pretty good conclusion for the series.

However, he also explains that an episode 5 can be done if and only if the idea is good and it has the potential to do better than the last episode. Everything must also obviously be in line with the desires of Keanu Reeves, the main interested party:

Lionsgate is keen on doing more stuff with John Wick, understandably. It’s not a bad thing for a director to have intellectual property. I have nothing in progress at the moment. But I could wake up tomorrow and have a great idea that I would introduce to Keanu, or he would introduce me, and it might just work out and we might be like, ‘Oh my God, we have to do this now.

It’s very appealing (A John Wick 5). But I don’t have the ‘why’ yet.

So here is the main problem, the absence of why. Until a good reason is found to bring back John Wick, the film will not be made. And very clearly it is the healthiest method especially when we know that Lionsgate (the production) must push to the maximum to continue to be profitable. We therefore avoid the Marvel syndrome where everything is an excuse to offer something, sometimes without much interest.

A rain of projects in the meantime

While waiting for something to be decided, you can enjoy many projects John Wick since for the moment we are going to have the right to the series The Continental which will explore the youth of Winston Scott, to the film Ballerina, spin-off with Ana de Armas and finally to another still unknown spin-off film project which could potentially relate to the character of Caine who is played by Donnie Yen

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