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Jordi Wild’s underground fighting tournament already has a date

Long time, Jordi Wild revealed that he was going to create your own contact combat tournament. The content creator and head of «The Wild Project» has kept us on our toes for a few weeks, but has finally given us more information about this tournament. Now we know the date and the place where we can enjoy the different combats.


As revealed, his name will be Dogfight Wild Tournament. All this will start February 17th and those people who want to follow it could see it from the channel «Giorgio’s Corner«. In this event we will find ourselves facing various combat modalities such as MMA or boxing without gloves. This is how we saw it in the competition presentation video.

We already have more details of Jordi Wild’s combat tournament

As we can assume, it will be a tournament that will cause us many emotions. As Jordi Wild states, «on February 17 you have to prepare to see blood«. Of course, this competition will be completely different from The Evening of the Year. And it is that instead of seeing streamers and content creators in the ring, this time we will meet fighters with previous training in the sector.

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We still do not know those chosen ones who will participate in this Jordi Wild combat tournament. What is clear to us is that the level will be quite high. All the participants have had to go through a fairly exhaustive selection process.

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For now, all participants have a whole month to prepare for the fighting. We will see how the fighting and the various modalities develop as soon as the tournament begins. Will this tournament become an annual event or will we just see it once? For the moment we just have to enjoy the present.

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