Juan Guarnizo asks his followers to work for free on his Minecraft ‘roleplay’, receives strong criticism

juan guarnizo asks his followers to work for free on

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Juan Guarnizo asks his followers to work for free on his Minecraft ‘roleplay’, receives strong criticism

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One of the most popular and controversial ‘streamers’ in Latin America, is again in the eye of the hurricane. The well-known Juan S Guarnizo is organizing a ‘roleplay’ community of Minecraft together with Eufonia Studio called ‘The God of Everything’ and asked his followers to join. Many of them excitedly ran to participate, but those who bothered to read what it implies were very worried.

According to the form that those interested in being part of the project must fill out, those who join they will have to participate six hours a day every day of the week for a whole month and they will not be paid. Participants will not even be able to ‘stream’ what happens on the server. All of this set off alarm bells on social media.

Criticism against the Colombian-Mexican streamer for this matter has been very strong. They rightly accuse him of wanting to take advantage of his popularity to profit without paying his collaborators.

Juan S Guarnizo has already spoken out before the criticism he is receiving for asking his followers to work on his ‘roleplay’ of Minecraft ‘The god of everything’ without paying them. Through a post on Twitter He explained that the participants “will be able to take advantage of the series on different social networks but not live.” He added that “whoever wants and can experience it will enjoy it very much.” He said that he will pay the professionals involved, such as voice actors. He also accused his critics of “wanting to fill the series with toxicity and bad vibes.”

Needless to say, this explanation did not satisfy people and only intensified the criticism.

If the project goes ahead, Guarnizo and Eufonia Studio plan to present the series on the streamer’s channels in September 2023. We hope they reconsider and decide to pay everyone who joins the project.

Recently the ‘streamer’ starred in another controversy for having made a voice in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse without being a professional dubbing actor.

Fountain: Juan S. Guarnizo account on Twitter

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