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“Just like real life” – Player in Baldur’s Gate 3 tries to ensnare companions, concedes 4 hoops in one night

"just like real life" player in baldur's gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 puts a lot of emphasis on romance. A player desperately wanted to ensnare his companions, but instead conceded 4 hoops in one night. More about the frustrating story.

What is the romance in Baldur’s Gate 3 all about?


But you don’t get your companions in the box that easily. To do this, you have to gain enough recognition from them and respond to their needs.

According to Larian Studios, heartthrob Astarion has already handed out over 100,000 hoops. No problem, just try Shadowheart or Gale. For one player, however, this method caused a lot of frustration because he just didn’t get his turn.


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“Four rejections in one evening, just like in real life”

What happened to this player? The user Unlucky_Lifeguard_81 lives up to its name. A brave hero with a heart that hungered for romance and affection. He shared a meme video on Reddit where his character conceded 4 hoops in a single night – his char just doesn’t get it’s turn.


His drow’s eyes fell on the graceful Wyll, which captures the imagination of many players. She was hoping for a dance of passion, but she was crushed with his words, “I’m afraid I’ll have both feet on the ground tonight.” – Ouch.

Undeterred, but already plagued by doubts, Unlucky_Lifeguard dared the next attempt. This time Shadowheart, the beguiling cleric. But here, too, his drow encountered an invisible barrier: “You’ll have to do a lot more footwork before I embark on any hip work,” she explained – hopes dashed again.

We have included the Reddit clip of Unlucky_Lifeguard_81 for you here:


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Determined not to bury the dreams of a hot night, Unlucky_Lifeguard looked down at Gale. But he didn’t have any answers for the longing of the drow either: “You stink too much,” he said to her.

As a result, Unlucky_Lifeguard tried to grasp the last straw of hope. Halsin, the wise druid, was his final target. But fate scoffed at his efforts: “Go and enjoy the wine before it runs out. There are a lot of thirsty people there,” Halsin accuses the drow.


Thus ended a long and frustrating evening for this player – an incredible 4 baskets in one night. Hopefully his character doesn’t give up the search for affection.

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