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Karmine Corp will be in the Valorant franchise league

Reports Alexander «anonymous» Gomis in the middle Blix that Karmine Corp has been accepted into the Valorant franchise championship. The acceptance period for the VCT EMEA 2023 has ended, and the ten teams that will be in the tournament have already been chosen.

The VCT EMEA 2023 begins in style, with two great organizations such as KOI and Karmine Corp forming part of the organization, a rivalry that can be further established and continue to grow in what will be the largest European Valorant competition. One of the most successful and fastest growing organizations in France, with thousands of fans, and has been a huge standout in League of Legends over the last few years. Their arrival at Valorant was more recent, in the middle of this 2022, and now they will try to continue to stand out in the Riot Games franchise league.

The franchise system in Valorant adds Karmine Corp

A few weeks ago, the middle Blix reported that the city chosen to host the Valorant franchises in EMEA it was Berlin. After days of discussion, the final decision regarding the city that would host the championship focused on two candidates: Berlin and Barcelona. The reason why the German capital was chosen is because most teams preferred it to Barcelona, ​​mainly because many of those organizations already have their headquarters in Berlin due to the LEC.


With the end of the season in Valorant, more details about the championship and the teams that will be in the franchise league are beginning to be known. A competition in which all those teams that participate will not be able to have an academy in regional leagues, so the national teams that enter the EMEA franchise championship will have to leave the LVP according to the regulations of RiotGames.

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