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Keanu Reeves could appear in Death Stranding 2

keanu reeves could appear in death stranding 2

Hideo Kojima hints at the possible participation of Keanu Reeves in the next sequel to Death Stranding. The famous master of video games, Hideo Kojima, has once again surprised the world of video games.

He recently dropped a hint in an Instagram post suggesting that Keanu Reeves, the Hollywood megastar of the John Wick and The Matrix franchises, could be involved in Kojima’s next creation, Death Stranding 2.


The Instagram post shows images of Keanu Reeves and Norman Reedus, who plays Sam Porter Bridges in the Death Stranding games, riding motorcycles together. Reeves, a motorcycle enthusiast, shared this moment with Reedus, who is no stranger to the world of motorcycles.

Although the details are sketchy, fans are discussing the exciting possibility of Reeves joining Reedus in the game’s upcoming sequel.

Reeves’ foray into video games, especially through Cyberpunk 2077, showcased his enthusiasm for interactive entertainment. The secrecy surrounding Reeves’ possible role has only added to the intrigue, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more details.

Keanu Reeves’ visit to Kojima Productions in 2019, while seemingly casual, aroused curiosity and led to rumors of possible collaborations. With Reedus and now possibly Reeves on board, Death Stranding 2 could change the dynamic between video games and celebrity involvement.


Now all eyes are on the Game Awards in December, the place Kojima goes for big reveals. Given his close relationship with host Geoff Keighley, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect another Death Stranding 2 teaser. Players are holding their breaths at what promises to be an exciting event.

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