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Kevin Conroy hated working on the Batman: Arkham games

Kevin Conroyknown for voicing the Dark Knight in Batman: The Animated Series and in the Arkham saga games, passed away last November.

Now an old interview has come to light in which both he and Bruce Timm They review various experiences throughout their careers. Conroy in particular didn’t mince words about his experiences with Batman: The Animated Series. Back then, all the voice actors would meet in one place and have recorded their lines together. That way, they could adjust their own lines and tones based on how the previous person had delivered their line and keep up a lively dialogue.

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But when it came to dubbing the games, that wasn’t so much fun. Unlike a comic or movie, dialogue in a game can be influenced by factors outside of the game. So all the sounds have to be recorded separately so that they can be played together later. Conroy had to be alone in a recording booth for eight hours a day, recording lines. Not knowing how the environment reacts.

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“…alone, in a booth, in a vacuum, creating the character, keeping the character’s voice alive, and then creating the situation for each line. Then they want it three times. Give it to us in anger! Oh, keep that anger and give it to us with a little bit of irony! Oh, we love anger and we love irony, now sweeten it with a little love. By the time you walk out of there you’re pulling your hair out and saying, what the fuck do they want me to say!” .

This tonic was the one that took him two years in Batman: Arkham Knight, recording some 37,000 voice lines. You can watch the full interview below.

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