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Kings League: what happened between Pique and JuanSGuarnizo

The seventh day of the Kings League began with a controversy involving the Colombian ‘streamer’ JuanSGuarnizo. This happened during the match between Spursito’s Rayo Barcelona against Colombian JuanSGuarnizo’s Annihiladores, a team that had three goals (hattrick) by Fran Hernandes disallowed.

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After the match, a heated JuanSGuarnizo shared the following image of the Kings League regulations.

These comments were due to a series of violations of the regulations committed by the team of referees for the match. So in the midst of the controversy between the team of Colombian JuanSGuarnizo and Spursito, Pique made the decision to completely repeat the last two minutes of the match.

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The reactions of both sides did not wait. However, today during the After Kings Gerard Piqué —president of the Kings League— increased the tension with some strong statements.

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«I can do what I want and if I want to repeat the game I can do it. You are privileged and I want respect for all those who make up the Kings League.”

Before these statements, Piqué apologized for, according to his words, “not having clearly explained the rules of 1 Vs. 1.

In addition, Piqué added that whenever there is a violation of the regulations, he will make the best decision for the league. As a result Spursito will be the first sanctioned president of the Kings League and the rest of the presidents have been warned to comply with the rules of the league and not “threaten to leave.” Otherwise, the president will have to leave his team and say goodbye to the Kings League.


Finally, officially nothing has been done with the 1 Vs 1 card but they made it clear, during the After Kings on February 20, how the controversial card will work from the eighth day of the Kings League.

When is it and what are the times of the eighth day (8) of the Kings League?

schedules kings league matchday 8

There are only four games left for the start of the ‘playoffs’, so it is normal for some to wonder when it is and what are the times of the eighth round (8) of the Kings League. For those who don’t know yet, we tell you that every Sunday the Kings League is played and it can be seen in the Official channel of the league on Twitch.

Times eighth day (8) of the Kings League

  • Annihiladores vs JIJANTES – 10:00 AM Colombia time.
  • El Barrio vs Rayo de Barcelona – 11:00 AM Colombia time.
  • Ultimate Móstoles vs XBUYER – 12:00 noon Colombian time.
  • Saiyans vs Kunisports – 1:00 PM Colombia time.
  • 1K FC vs Los Troncos FC – 2:00 PM Colombia time.
  • PIO FC vs Porcinos – 3:00 PM Colombia time.

Source: Official Kings League YouTube channel