Kirby sets a date for an online concert to celebrate his 30th anniversary, and we are all invited

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2022 is a great year for kirby, and we are not just talking about his imminent Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Although the game has already made many players fall in love with its testalready available in the Nintendo Switch eShop, this time we talk about its 30th anniversary. And it is that, to celebrate such an event, the iconic Nintendo character prepares a concert that will thrill any gaming fan.

The concert will take place on August 11As announced by the Big N via Twitter, we will be able to participate in this online event next August 11. In this way, the concert will be dedicated to review history of Kirby through the lively music that characterizes his adventures, so we will recognize more than one melody from the games.


Of course, the event not only aims to celebrate the anniversary of the pink ball, but also wants to act as a blow to the nostalgia of many players: “This event is a musical event where you can enjoy a original medley of songs from past titles in the franchise as you relive your memories with them. A large led monitor in the headquarters will also show Kirby moving! We look forward to having an exciting festival with everyone.”

There are still a few months left to enjoy Kirby’s OST through an official concert, but there are still very few days for the launch of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In Japan, the game is already being promoted with the skill feature that has stood out so much in its trailers, and from here we are waiting expectantly for the arrival of the March 25th. After all, we tell you in our first impressions that Kirby and the Forgotten Land presents a very successful 3D evolution.

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