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Kirby’s Dream Buffet, analysis and opinions of the game for Nintendo Switch | 3D Games Reviews

On your marks… Set… Let’s eat! The rosy Kirby stars in a nice and fun racing video game, one of those that break friendships and that makes excessive gluttony the player’s best ally. Welcome to the Kirby’s Dream Buffet races.

Of course, Kirby’s Dream Buffet does not fool anyone, and right from the start it gives players the key to success in this race in the form of a hint screen: the one who eats the most is the fastest. And that is key in a title that is fundamentally based on run and eat. The new Nintendo title takes the rosy Kirby universe and organizes a tournament that is a direct heir to the success of Fall Guys. The resemblance is enormous, and the Japanese company seems to have limited itself to spreading a generous layer of icing and cream on top. But Kirby’s Dream Buffet has its peculiarities and is not without some own charms. Maybe not too many.

This racing game places a series of spherical and greedy characters on the starting line who must compete, of course, to reach the finish line first. Along the way they will find strawberries and candy. The more they manage to eat, the larger the character will be and the faster he will get. The fatter the faster. The downside is that the fatter, less buoyancyand that is also an important detail, because the game is also about jostling with rivals and try to kick them out of the race track. That will force us to press the ‘A’ button like crazy to flutter back to the track. With that in mind, we already know everything we need to jump into this title that, unfortunately, it lacks a icing on top to be a succulent cake.

The road to victory to be the fattest is adorned by different culinary circuits. These have different “textures” that modify our progress, as well as traps and doors that make movement difficult. For example, running through cream or ketchup is slower than running through candy crystal, although it is much more difficult to control the character on that surface. The track also offers help, Mario Kark style, with surprise boxes that will randomly give us different abilities for a short time, or single-use weapons. All this brings us to that dramatic moment when the players already sight the goal, cake-shaped, and the threats, the shouting, the crying and the insults that would make a Marine blush begin. At the end of the game, the player who wins is the one who gets a Kirby heaviest on the scale.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet doesn’t overcomplicate its approachKirby’s Dream Buffet does not overly complicate its approach, why fool ourselves, and that doesn’t stop it from being fun. But if we compare it with its most direct competitors, and references, the same remains to us somewhat lacking in mechanics. For example, although they are aesthetically different, the race tracks are very similar to each other. In addition, in the end the player who enjoys several successive games you’ll soon get the hang of it to the game. And it is none other than the one I mentioned at the beginning of this analysis: the one who eats the most, surely, is the one who wins. By eating more, our Kirby gets bigger, and weight gain increases speed. In a considerable way, too. That is an obvious advantage, since control is not diminished by size either. But it is that having a plump and robust body also comes from the hand of another advantage: an overwhelming physical superiority.

Kirby's Dream Buffet review

The sets of the race are usually won by the one who is capable of imposing himself by forceAnd it is that in the melee, the sets of the race are usually won by the one who is capable of imposing himself by force. This is especially noticeable in the minigames that separate each of the races. Usually these small (but intense) tests They consist of eating as many strawberries as possible in a short time, preventing the rest of the players from throwing us off the small playing field. Something that turns out to be very complicated when you have won previous tests and triple or quadruple the volume of your rivals. The skill counts just here…

We will be able to enjoy this buffet of competitive events from different game modes. For one or two players, you can enjoy a “competition mode” (in four difficulty levels) that includes a Grand Prix that alternates races with mini-games, or the possibility of playing races or games separately. There is also a limited free game mode that will allow us to test all the peculiarities that we can find during normal play. The multiplayer, both online and locally, is as always in this type of title, the most fun and demanding option. The rules are the same, but the human players are always more naughty than the AI, which will make the runs much more difficult and the screams much more offensive and audible to the neighbors.

Kirby's Dream Buffet Nintendo SwitchSize is the only thing that matters when deciding the winner

It is not a game that can create addictionIf we put aside the competition between players, Kirby’s Dream Buffet It is not a game that can create addiction. After the first few hours of play, it will surely become one of those titles that you return to in a timely manner for a quick game. Obtaining the different collections and aesthetic accessories of the game are also not an incentive to invest a large number of hours, since we will simply obtain them as we increase our level by winning races progressively. In this way, we will always have some rewardbut no type of adventure or special ability is required on the part of the player to get hold of them.

Technically the game just shines. Nor is it that the nature of this title asks for much more. The graphics follow this “so Switch” aesthetic in which everything looks like a small model. The materials that are identified with each type of food are easily identifiable with the naked eye, something very appreciated when you are going at full speed, and tremendously beautiful when the pace of the game slows down. Unfortunately, we cannot say that Kirby’s Dream Buffet shines in any other aspect either: The sound complies, the catchy melodies expected from the Kirby saga, effective sound effects that fail to be memorable and a control that has its greatest advantage in the desEsports Extrasof the console itself. issue.

Kirby's Dream Buffet

Maybe it’s just me, but both in the normal version of the console and in the Lite (especially) the need to keep the left stick up so that our character advances makes it little by little the thumb starts to slide, complicating in some moments the maneuvers. Making a sudden movement or a change of line can mean having to lift your finger from the stick, losing time and precision. I wonder if one of the triggers could have been implemented as an accelerator, leaving the stick only to control the direction. It is not that we are in a demanding game at the level of an F-1 simulation, but it is uncomfortable.

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