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Kleavor raid in Pokemon GO: Best Counters and movements

kleavor raid in pokemon go: best counters and movements

Kleavor is coming to Pokemon GO in just a few days, so it is the ideal time to prepare for the event.

Between the harsh criticism of the players, the complaints about the arrival of Larvesta and the worst income in 4 years, it seems that the app is not getting a breather. However, the adventures of Pokemon GO continue in May 2023 with multiple events, from Hatches to Raids.


One of them is the exclusive arrival of Kleavor via three-star Raids, though you’ll need to defeat it before capturing it.

What we know about Kleavor in Pokemon GO

Fans of the evolution of Scyther into Hisui will be able to celebrate with the arrival of Kleavor to Pokemon GO this coming May 6th.

kleavor It is a Bug and Rock-type Pokemon, weak to Water, Rock, Steel, and Fighting-type attacks. On the other hand, it is resistant to Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug types.


As for his stats, he can be quite a pain in the ass with a attack of 253a Defense of 174 and 172 PS. Let’s not forget that you will have a significant increase in CP during the Raid, so it should not be underestimated.

Unfortunately we don’t have many more details about this encounter, especially in regards to their possible moves.

However, based on what we know, it is expected that a well-prepared player can single-handedly defeat this Raid boss. Although you will have to make sure you take the correct counters.


Best counters to defeat Kleavor in Pokemon GO

After analyzing the base statistics of Kleavor in Pokemon GO, now you will need to choose between their best counters. Remember to focus on Pokemon that take advantage of Kleavor’s weaknesses while also getting the STAB multiplier.

Remember that your chances of winning will increase if you use powered-up versions of these Pokemon. This includes Mega, XL size and Dark versions whenever possible. With them you will do more damage, although they are more expensive and difficult to acquire. You can find a guide on the Pokemon GO Mega Evolutions in this link.


These are the best Pokemon and movements that will make you counter a Kleavor in his Pokemon GO Inclusion:

  • Kyogre: Waterfall and Surfing
  • Terrakion: Anti-Aircraft and Avalanche
  • Genesect (HidroROM): Metal claw and Techno shock (Water)
  • Rampardos: Anti-Aircraft and Avalanche
  • Rhyperior: Anti-Aircraft and Rockbreaker
  • Kingler: Bubble and Hammer
  • Swampert: Water gun and Hydrocannon
  • Empoleon: Metal Claw and Hydro Cannon
  • Sharpedo: Bite and Hydro Pump
  • Melmetal: Thundershock and Double Ironfist
  • Feraligatr: Water Gun and Hydrocannon

If you have the possibility to use Primal Kyogre, you will not have any problem with this Raid. You can always increase your chances of victory by entering the Raid in a group of three trainers.

Kleavor Raid Bonus

The new Kleavor Raid in Pokemon GO it will be a three star, which means it will not be as difficult as others we have tried in the past. Even so, niantic has tried to make this event something special, so it has added some interesting bonuses.

The first thing is that Kleavor will appear more frequently in Raids, which will go hand in hand with an increase in his chance to appear Shiny. There will also be rewards of up to 5 Raid Passes per day by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms. This will only take effect during the event and up to two hours after its closure.


The last Bonus expands the limit of recent controversial changes, increasing the number of Remote Raid Passes to 10 only from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM on May 6, 2023.