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Kojima designed a game in the style of The Boys with Mads Mikkelsen hunting superheroes

Now what TheBoysthe Amazon Prime superhero series, is in fashion thanks to the premiere of its third season, the Japanese designer Hideo Kojima has commented on his opinions about her revealing in passing that once I worked on a very similar videogame. He has shared it with his followers through his personal twitter accountwhere he has released some details of a project that he precisely left in the drawer due to the similarities with the series.

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The designer begins by stating that he saw some episodes of the first season of TheBoys (it’s already on its third and has been renewed for a fourth), although it didn’t last long: “I left the first season after three episodes. I thought I’d watch the rest, although I actually saw a few more that premiered at the same time as I was about to start a project that I had been preparing for a long time“, begins by saying Hideo Kojima in the first message of his chain of tweet.

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Mads Mikkelsen vs. Superheroes in Kojima’s Game We’ll Never See

Why did Kojima abandon this project that he had been preparing for so long? As he himself explains, he left it aside by the similarities between your video game and TheBoys: “I put it on hiatus because the concept was similar (with some differences in setting and other gimmicks.” This is when the designer gives more details of his crippled superhero game: “A squad of buddies (male and female) special detectives facing legendary heroes off camera,” says Hideo Kojima in his second tweet before revealing the actor he envisioned in the lead role: “I thought of Mad’s [Mikkelsen] like the leader.”

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The history of the video game is full of Canceled projects as interesting or more interesting than those that end up on the market, but without a doubt not being able to see Hideo Kojima’s superhero game is bad news for everyone. Fortunately, the Japanese has several projects underway: a sequel of Death Stranding inadvertently confirmed by Norman Reedus and an Xbox game rumored to be overdosea horror title originally created for Stadia.

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