Kojima tries to eliminate the leaks of ‘Overdose’, his supposed new horror game

Just two days ago Overdose was leaked, a project that could be the Hideo Kojima’s next horror video game, one of the most important creatives in the medium, together with Kojima Productions, his own development studio. Apparently the journalist and insider Tom Henderson (via Kotaku) has reported that the company has tried to remove the original story he posted with information about the game, to feature actress Margaret Qualleywho has already appeared in Death Strandingas the protagonist.

According to reports from the aforementioned media, Henderson has been contacted by a representative of Kojima Productions who has asked him to withdraw the news about the details of the supposed game not yet presented, something that could lend some credence to the leak since it shows that the studio is taking steps to remove the information from the networks. Henderson has stated to Kotaku that he learned of Overdose’s existence just “a couple of days ago”, but has been hearing rumors about its development “for a long time”. The journalist has also clarified that haven’t been able to watch more than a minute or two of a game trailer.

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Henderson maintains that he has not violated any agreement

“I have seen a game that says it is a ‘Hideo Kojima game’ but I have not leaked any images. The gist of the email is that it is a request to remove the article and the social post and they will be happy to work with me when they can share more (I guess they don’t know what I’m doing)” added Henderson. Finally, the journalist wanted to clarify that he did not leak any official image or video or violate “any confidentiality agreement” when he published his article.