Konami forgets to renew the Silent Hill domain and a user takes it away to joke

Tom Henry

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During the last years, the Silent Hill saga has been more protagonist due to the wishes of the fans of a new installment than due to the novelties that it has offered Konami. The Japanese company still hasn’t brought the horror franchise back, and when it does reappear it’s usually in disappointing ways for the community.

For this reason, and although it seems very crazy, what has happened in recent days is little surprising. It turns out that Konami has not renewed the official domain of Silent Hill, which we do not know if it is due to a new lack of interest or plans that we do not know, but it is something that we can verify on our own if we access silenthill.com.

The message that the Silent Hill website shows right now.

Upon entering we found a message from ItoUpon entering the website we will find a surprise: a screenshot of a Twitter message from Masahiro Itō, former art director of the series. A user has purchased the domain and he is using it to joke. “I wish I hadn’t designed Pyramid Head,” says the author of the tweet, who had explained in this regard that the constant abuse of the character has caused him to lose his own sense of him.

Gestures like this seem to indicate that Konami is not very interested in resurrecting Silent Hill, even though there have been mentions during The Game Awards 2021 that reignited speculation. That fans are looking forward to it is not something new, and even this eagerness to have news of the saga again has left us with curious projects such as a remake in Unreal Engine 5.

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