Korea warns, the MMO in which we had the most hopes is a possible pay-to-win, with characters farming without playing | Top News

korea warns, the mmo in which we had the most

Tom Henry

Korea warns, the MMO in which we had the most hopes is a possible pay-to-win, with characters farming without playing | Top News

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Throne and Liberty is one of the most anticipated MMOs of 2023. We are not saying it alone, but NCSoft’s work has earned an important place within forums and social networks due to its appearance thanks to Unreal Engine 5. Of course, In its new beta, the players who have been able to taste it are somewhat disgusted with their mechanical pay-to-win and Pay2Progress.

The Korean game at the moment does not have a release date and its beta just this one available in South Koreaand now that the MMO is nearing its official premiere, the business model in game He is already taking his first steps. To give you an idea, the game includes (at least today) a premium pass and Season Pass. Besides this, we also have paid items to progress faster and payment of cosmetics.

With this hodgepodge of mechanics in gamethere is one that has earned some distrust: game offline. Although we do not know if it will be called that in our language, what we do know is its purpose, and that is that when we disconnect the game, our character will follow farming 8 hours per day of automatically.

According to MeinMMO’s colleagues, NCSoft has justified this inclusion to “avoid the formation of monopolies and excess supply.” This is not the only “curious” thing about the whole thing, but the game also includes mechanics Pay2Progress. With these, you will automatically get materials which are obtained with the creation menu.

Finally, and entering what the market is in game, Throne and Liberty has certain details that would be worth commenting on. On the one hand, the minimum level to negotiate, not buy items, is 15. There are two coins, the Lucent that is to buy, and the Solent, to negotiate. There is a base fee of 30% as a tax rate and items dropped by bosses can be exchanged for free.

With this, it only remains to wait to see what the game will keep in the face of its jump to the West. We know on good authority that the NCSoft MMO will see a world premiere and it is that in this part of the globe it will be Amazon that will act as distributor. Of course, and as we saw with Night Crows, it is to be expected that Throne and Liberty will see certain changes in its digital economy.

The best MMOs of 2023

But not everything ends in Night Crows, and it is that 2023 is a great year for MMOs, although there is a lot of classic on the list. World of Warcraft will continue without resting on its laurels after its latest expansion, something that will be replicated by both Lost Ark and New World, which must continue fighting for their current position. These will be joined in the second half of the year by a Throne & Liberty that we have been wanting to taste for years.

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