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Lance Reddick, the actor of Horizon Forbidden West or Quantum Break, dies at 60

The actor lance reddickknown for his performances in movies, series and video games, has died at the age of 60 according to the TMZ portal in information that our colleagues from El Espaol have subsequently collected.

The actor I was born in Baltimore in June 1962. and in the world of vvideogames is known for playing various roles such as Commander Zavala in destinythat of Martin Hatch in Quantum Break or that of Sylens in Horizon: Forbidden Westalthough his debut in the sector was giving voice to different characters from 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, a video game for PS3 and Xbox 360 released in 2009.

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However, in his career spanning more than two decades Lance is known above all for his performances in movies or series giving life to Charon in John Wick or participating in roles of greater authority in Oz, The Wire, Lost, Fringe, Bosch wave adaptation to the world of the Resident Evil series playing Albert Wesker.

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According to the TMZ portal, the body of Lance Reddick was discovered in his Studio City home in Los Angeles, California, last Friday morning around 9:30 and although the cause of death is unknown, everything indicates that it has occurred due to natural causes.


A life dedicated to art

As you have already read, Reddick has been present in the world of video games, the series, although His beginnings were in the world of music (and even went so far as to publish a record in 2007), graduating in music at the University of Rochester to, in the early 90s, begin his training at the Yale School of Dramatic Arts, which opened the doors to his first roles. in New York Undercover or Swift Justice.

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Rest in peace.

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