launches a DJ with AI to recommend new songs

In recent years we have seen a heyday of AI that has never been experienced before. These have been implemented in programs and even in the Internet browser when searching. We can make AIs make us images, texts and can even compose music. But just speaking of music, it’s time to mention Spotify, which has announced a AI DJ What will you recommend? new songs browsing our history.

Today we have multiple AIs that are commonly used among PC users to create all kinds of content. For example, we have Midjourney and Stable Diffusion if we want to create images using text. We also have ChatGPT available to receive all kinds of answers to our questions. In fact, it can be used to solve problems and exercises or we can directly entertain ourselves by talking to it. Of course, this chatbot has been recently limited by MicrosoftSo we can’t go too long either. All this helps us to recognize that thanks to AI we are much more productivesince they can do tasks in a fraction of the time.

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Spotify has presented its new DJ with AI that will recommend songs to you

Spotify is the most popular music streaming application in the world and although Amazon Prime Music and Apple Music are gaining ground, they are still a long way from defeating it. This is known for offering a free service where we have access to thousands of songs in exchange for receiving occasional ads. It also has a mode Premiumwhere we have to be subscribed monthly and in exchange we will remove the advertising and we will get other advantages, such as higher quality streaming or the possibility of download songs.

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But in all these years, we have to find new songs on our own and even if Spotify gives us recommendations of similar artistsThey are not totally personalized recommendations. For this reason, the company takes the next step and presents a new DJ with AI that will serve as a guide to discover new musical themes. This AI will examine our history and see that songs we’ve heard recentlyin order to get an idea of ​​the recommendations.

The AI ​​has a voice and will comment on the music we listen to

daft punk

An AI that simply offers us recommended songs could not be called a DJ, but Spotify has given it that role taking into account that will have a voice. It turns out that the company has resorted to Xavier “X” Jernigan to recreate the model, since they seek that sound like a radio dj. For the project to work, they have needed the help of sonantica London voice-based artificial intelligence company that Spotify bought in the summer of 2022.

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With all this, Spotify’s AI DJ is complete and it will be in charge of performing comments about the music you listen to. Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT will also be involved, since they will be in charge of collecting data from the audio tracks you listen to. This Spotify AI DJ is now available on beta phasealthough only the Premium subscribers from the United States and Canada.