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Layers of Fear announces its release date on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC

Layers of Fearformerly known as Layers of Fears, confirms its release date for June on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC (Steam and Epic Games). The delivery renew the gameplay of the two previous installments of Layers of Fear and include a notable graphic and technical improvement. Bloober Team has created its ultimate first-person horror experience with Unreal Engine 5, 4K resolution, HDR and the beloved Ray Tracing. As before, the most veterans will know that these types of titles immerse us fully in an immersive horror story. On this occasion, yes. we will review the story arcs of the previous games a bit but with a polished and improved gameplay.

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Bloober Team Says Layers of Fear Features Frequent Emotional Violence and Sensitive Content

From Bloober Team, they have warned that the new installment of Layers of Fear is not for all audiences and contains sensitive emotional material: “This game may contain content not appropriate for all ages. Contains frequent emotional violence and general mature content such as psychological illnesses (depression or anxiety).” This reimagined horror story aims to be a heavy hit on the table by the company. If we add the new graphic and technical quality that the game will have on next-generation consoles and PC, and the review of these horror stories that put us in a subjective chamber, we are facing a cocktail for lovers of the genre.

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In the past, we analyzed in Vandal both the first installment of Layers of Fear, like the second. The last installment mentioned, published in 2019, left us with a bittersweet taste in our mouths: “Layers of Fear 2 is a game full of ups and downs. It has outstanding moments, but it also has many aspects that are simply correct and others that weigh it down. The very improvable implementation of the creature that chases you and a rather weak story that takes a long time to start are probably its two main problems, and the simplicity of most of its puzzles along with some uninspired settings doesn’t help either“.

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