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Layoffs begin at Apple: undercover and by email, how many are there?


Layoffs begin at Apple: undercover and by email, how many are there?

2023 has started with a large number of layoffs in companies of the caliber of Google, Meta, Microsoft or Amazon. We are talking about tens of thousands of layoffs and the month has not even ended. The figures are expected to be very high, since it has already been indicated that in the first week of January 2023, there were 74% more layoffs than the entire past month. Now that a couple more weeks have passed, it seems that it is the turn of the layoffs of Apple retail workersalthough these have not been publicly announced.

We have started a 2023 full of fired employees, like the 18,000 that he expelled Amazon from their stores recently. Google for its part, ended with the dismissal of 12,000 of its employees, while Microsoft He cut his staff quite severely. 10,000 of his workers are outside the company and worst of all, it has affected various studios such as 343 Industries, The Coalition either Bethesda. Losing up to a third of its employees, the future of Halo games is worrisome.

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Apple joins the layoff trend, but does not announce figures

Apple Employees

Continuing the 2023 trend of companies announcing waves of layoffs, now it’s Apple’s turn. And it is that, the company of the bitten apple will also be in charge of making cuts in its staff. Thus, it is reported that Apple has started laying off temporary retail workers outside of their physical stores. It is indicated that the company sent emails to inform of this to different employees who work in Best Buy outlets. The mail included a notice of 30 days on your rights regarding a dismissal.

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Apple and Best Buy often hire temporary employees to fill the positions for a few months before being fired. It really is not something new or worrying at first glance, but apparently the detail is in the lack of information. And it is that, Apple has not mentioned the figure at any time and yet, there are already several sources confirming the dismissals.

Apple will be more demanding when hiring new staff

apple brand

Difficult times are ahead and 2023 could be a key year for Apple’s situation to improve. Well, as we know, the covid it has hit China hard and caused factories to close. Among these we have the temporary closure of the Foxconn facilities in Zhengzhou, China, at the end of 2022. This caused a decrease in the production of its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Maxwhich are precisely the best-selling models, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have not been a success in sales.

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In the middle of all this situation, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cooksaid in November that would slow down the hiring process. If we add to this the layoffs of workers, everything indicates that Apple will be more demanding when hiring. Now, regarding the announced layoffs, we will probably know more about the figures later. But everything indicates that due to the reduction in shipments of iPhone 14 Pro, employees who worked in stores they were not needed by the company.

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