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League of Legends free champions in the week of January 24

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One more week, Riot Games brings us free characters to try in League of Legends. The rotation of champions available without payment has been updated, and brings you a new list where you will be able to enjoy very powerful champions, like Vi or Jhinas well as others that may surprise you, such as Xin Zhao.

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Of the 162 champions that League of Legends boasts, from today until next Tuesday you can try 16 of them completely free and without limits. Below is this week’s rotation, which brings us a wide variety of characters so you don’t get bored in the slightest.

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  • Enlist
  • Annie
  • Cassiopeia
  • fiddlesticks
  • jhin
  • Karma
  • Lioness
  • luxury
  • malzahar
  • Quinn
  • rumble
  • Shen
  • skarner
  • Varus
  • Saw
  • xin zhao


These 16 champions are the ones that will be free for you for the next 7 days. During the morning of January 31, the rotation will change and you will have other protagonists to play with. Keep in mind that you can play them without any restrictions, so give them a go and see if they click!

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