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League of Legends

League of Legends New T-Shirt Collection Now Available at UNIQLO

League of Legends


This collection is the first collaboration between lol and UNIQLO and already available worldwide. Riot Games and UNIQLO announced a long-awaited new version of the League of Legends t-shirt series, which is now available for purchase in UNIQLO stores and online around the world, including six unique t-shirts, based on some of the most popular champions. Popular from the game, such as Jinx, game elements such as Summoner’s Rift or the K / DA music group, which is well known among MOBA enthusiasts. As part of the UNIQLO concept, the League of Legends UT series represents a series of pop culture icons that convey personality and character, as well as other non-League of Legends collaborations with brands such as MARVEL and Disney lol news. The price of these new shirts is US $ 19.90, with sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL. If you are interested, you can consult all the models through the UNIQLO website.

Shanghai Listed as 2020 largest Sporting Spot for lol

The 2020 World Championships (also known as the League of Legends World Cup 2020) were held a few months ago, but today, due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite their achievements and milestones, they continue to talk about them today. He announced the ranking of the most important sporting events in Shanghai last year lol news. Due to its global influence and enormous economic influence, the world was rated as the second-best sporting event in the city.

The direct economic impact of US $ 4.6 million and the tax of US $ 483,000, both take into account that we are in a pandemic year, and mobility and travel have been reduced considerably. Before the World Series, only the Shanghai Marathon was eligible to participate, with a direct USD 7.6 million and 818,000 taxes.

Red Bull SoloQ returns to USA, Starts on 23 May 2021

The famous energy drink brand Red Bull announced the return to USA of its Red Bull SoloQ e-sports championship. The focus of the competition is the one-on-one match of “League of Legends” (the popular MOBA from Riot Games). In 2014, it was another year to search for the best amateur player in the game. This is the champion. This will be the first time in the history of the so-called USAStorm Tour, where the best amateur and semi-professional players are in the tournament.

Two players head to head to win the game in three different ways: defeat 100 minions, take down enemy towers or get the “first blood” of the game. Starting on May 23 in USA, Red Bull SoloQ will kick off on May 23, with its first game ending on June 6, while the second game will take place on October 10-24, followed by the entire country. to be held in the same month of October. The USAchampionship will advance to represent players from 30 different countries in the Red Bull Solo Q international final to be held in Germany in December.


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