League of Legends players criticize the way to get the new mythical skin, they say it is a ‘gacha’

league of legends players criticize the way to get the

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League of Legends players criticize the way to get the new mythical skin, they say it is a ‘gacha’

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We recently revealed the new ‘skins’ or Cosmic aspects that would arrive at the Riot Games game at the end of August, but one of them is unleashing a lot of controversy among the ‘gamer’ community. Along with new skins for Nautilus, Bel’Veth, Sion, Nunu & Willump in League of Legends they also announced the first mythical variant of Lol: the skin Jhin Shattering Cosmic Darkness.

This isn’t exactly a new skin. It’s actually closer to a ‘chroma’ or new color for an existing skin: Cosmic Darkness Jhin. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see what it looks like in action in the video below. You will be able to notice that not only does its color change compared to the original, but also that some of its effects are different.

So far, all normal. Chromas or recolors are quite common in this game. So…

What’s wrong with the Mythic Jhin Shattering Cosmic Darkness skin in Lol?

The problem is how to get it. Chromas or recolors can be obtained by purchasing them with RP in the store, with shards or as part of events. Not so in this case.

The only way to get the mythical skin variant Jhin Devastating Cosmic Darkness in League of Legends It is through the Cosmic Capsules 2023. These are items that can be purchased in the store with RP and whose content we do not know beforehand. When we buy one and open it we can get random fragments of aspects, bags of surprises or the mythical ‘skin’.

The problem is that there is only a 1% chance of getting the mythical ‘skin’ from one of these capsules. If we have not obtained the ‘skin’ after opening 29 capsules, we are assured that the 30 that we open will have it. Since we can’t buy the chroma directly, getting it can cost us anything between 750 and 22,500 RP.

This is a combination of the worst aspects of ‘lootboxes’ (loot boxes) and gachapones, two of the most criticized monetization systems that exist in the world of video games. In these we cannot be sure of what we will receive for our purchase until we have spent the money.

Is it a chroma or is it a ‘skin variant?

One of the main drivers of the controversy is that the players of League of Legends It’s unclear if Raging Cosmic Darkness Jhin is actually a new skin, variant, or simply a chroma for the existing Cosmic Darkness Jhin skin.

Although it may look like just a ‘chroma’ —visually it’s nothing more than a recoloring— technically it is a new ‘skin’. It doesn’t require players to have the original skin and that makes it its own skin. not a chroma. Also, as you saw in the video above, it has unique effects.

A new controversy in the League of Legends community: players are saying that the Mythic Jhin Skin Devastating Cosmic Darkness brought gacha to League.

Still, people are not happy.

How have players reacted to the news?

The ‘gaming’ community of League of Legends either Lol He is not at all happy with the news that the only way to get the Mythic Jhin skin variant Devastating Cosmic Darkness is a gacha. They’re used to getting new skins by spending money specifically to get the cosmetic they want—one of the most positively accepted monetization systems—and not “staking” on it.

Right now, the official subreddit of League of Legends is full of posts describing this system as disgusting and saying that Riot Games is freaking out. Even players who describe themselves as “whales”—those who spend heavily on microtransactions—are negatively criticizing the new system.

In communication with GamerFocus, the player from Lol and Colombian streamer CoronelMasters said that “Riot is abusing fans who enjoy collecting skins for their favorite champion. I know that they are not forcing you to buy them, but it is not fair for the sector of players who invest in the game to have to spend so much for something that does not have as much relevance as a prestigious skin.

Another Colombian player, known online as triumviratumhe told us that “Riot is looking to exploit the sale of ‘skins’ to another level” and believes that despite the complaints from the community, the company is not going to abandon its plans because there is always someone who participates in the market, no matter how unpopular it may be.

He also shared this meme with us, making fun of the fact that this isn’t really a new skin, but rather a recolor.

A new controversy in the League of Legends community: players are saying that the Mythic Jhin Skin Devastating Cosmic Darkness brought gacha to League.

Why is Riot Games doing this?

According to the official statement published on the game’s website, the new ‘skins’ or mythical aspects “They seek to satisfy players who want very rare and exclusive content”. They initially created the Prestige skins for this purpose, but as they became easier to get thanks to the increased availability of Mythic Essence, they decided to create other types of cosmetics that were in short supply.

They added that “They want to find other ways to offer exclusive items that make players feel special for having them”.

Players have criticized this explanation, dismissing it as “an excuse to further monetize the game.”

Will Riot change its mind about the Mythic Jhin Cosmic Darkness skin?

In the same official communiqué, they say that “They always try to be very cautious and methodical when it comes to anything related to monetization. If they try it and it doesn’t work, then they will re-evaluate or change it.”. The initial reaction from the community clearly indicates that players do not want to see a ‘gacha’ system in League of Legends.

But some believe that when Riot says “if they try it and it doesn’t work, they’ll re-evaluate or change it” they don’t mean what the community thinks at all, but rather whether or not it’s profitable.

A new controversy in the League of Legends community: players are saying that the Mythic Jhin Skin Devastating Cosmic Darkness brought gacha to League.

We contacted representatives of Riot Games for Latin America and asked them for clarification in this regard. At the time of publishing this note we have not received a response. If this eventually arrives, we will update the text.

Before concluding it is worth mentioning that this is not the only recent controversy related to Lol. It was recently put up for sale an ultimate skin for Samira during the Soul Fighters event which did not live up to expectations or its high price: 3250 RP.

We’ll see how this situation evolves and if the community’s anger makes Riot Games turn back on its plans with the mythical appearance variant or ‘skin’ Jhin Cosmic darkness and save League of Legends either Lol of another supposedly predatory monetization system.

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