Leak would confirm that Optimus Prime will be the new Fortnite character

leak would confirm that optimus prime will be the new

Tom Henry

Leak would confirm that Optimus Prime will be the new Fortnite character

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According to the leak, the autobots and decepticons are coming to Fortnite in its next season.

In a recent leak related to the new season of fortniteit has been made known that the new franchise that will enter the multiverse is nothing more and nothing less, that transformers.

In the leak reported by Eurogamer, it is said that the main character that will appear in the season is Optimus Primebut it is speculated that it is surely not the only Transformer to appear, since for each season or saga we generally see 2 or 3 additional characters within the universe. It is said that it will be included in the Battle Pass and, quite possibly, it is not the “secret skin” which has been discussed before.

It is also said that by the filtered image where we can see Optimus Prime, the new season will take place in a kind of tropical jungle, additional one volcanic section and one desert inside the map, and there is talk of power ride raptors they will have an energy bar.

Apparently there will be new game modes for the new update, and one of the most interesting seems to be a career mode, where there will be a garage and speed items on the map.

Fortnite fans won’t have to wait long to find out what this new season will bring anyway, as the current season will end on June 9. What we can be sure of is that this new season is full of robotic and wild action.

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