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Leaked Destiny 2 collaboration with Fortnite Battle Royale

fortnite battle royale is the game with ms crossover officials between different sagas, being the last one with dragon ball. The next one apparently won’t be with a movie, with an anime, or with sports stars. According to a leak, destiny 2 receive aspects of fortnite battle royale in form of armor or ornaments for the Guardians armor, and plausibly, the Epic Games game will introduce some element of Bungie’s MMO shooter. The leak took place the weekend before the digital presentation where the plans for the near future of Destiny will be revealed.

has been the data miner Ginsorwell known in the community Destinywho has leaked the image that heads this news, potentially from the official Bungie websiteas pointed from TheVerge. It shows a Titan with an armor that replicates the Black Knight skin from the second season of Fortnitea Magician with the Drift Mask and a Hunter with an armor set inspired by the Omega Knight of the battle royale.

Only the image has been leaked, so it is unknown if these items will be armor sets for all three classes, u ornaments Applicable to other armor. We also do not know if they will have to be bought at the Tower store, the eververseor if they will be achieved by some event. In addition, it is possible that they are not tied to any of the classes. From the aforementioned medium they point out that Fortnite could also receive some collaboration with the shooter MMO, perhaps in the form of characters from the Bungie universe. Likewise, in social networks and forums speculate with what destiny 2 get to Epic Games Storean end that has not been confirmed.

The near future of Destiny is revealed on Tuesday

The leak has occurred just a few days before Bungie does a broadcast where they will show the immediate future of destiny 2. On Tuesday August 23rd At 18:00 USApeninsular time the Destiny 2 Showcase will take place. Oh they will present the Season 18 of the current expansion, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. They will also show details of Destiny 2: Lightfallthe expansion that will close the current stage of the shooter From creators of Halo.

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