Leaked gameplay of Project Q, Ubisoft’s new Fortnite-style battle royale

Tom Henry

Leaked gameplay of Project Q, Ubisoft’s new Fortnite-style battle royale

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In the famous big leak of the GeForce Now database, a mysterious game of Ubisoft with code name ‘Project Q’. Obviously, at that time it was impossible to find out what that title was about, we didn’t even know if it was real or not, but now it has been leaked gameplay of a closed test that has taken place this week. In this way it is verified that this leaked project is real (which would give more veracity to the rest of the leaks), and it is revealed that it is a PvP multiplayer with several game modes among which is a battle royale.

has been the known leaker Tom Henderson who has shared a video of the gameplay of Project Q that has come to you through a user who has participated in the test closed of the Ubisoft game, although he has preferred to remain anonymous. In VGC they have also had access to an invitation for this test; it defines this game as “an innovative and modern PvP game battle arena. in the video gameplay filtering available under these lines you can see the graphic style, the game modes, the characters and weapons of this project.

Two game modes with mythological weapons and special powers

As you can see in the video, Project Q is a third-person multiplayer action game that, at least in this closed test, has two game modes: Showdownwhich is kind of battle royale in pairs, and Battle Zone, a team conquest modality. Each player can choose three weapons, skills and special powers, some inspired by different mythologies, to build your own style of play. combat is both ranged and melee and the special abilities will allow us to both attack and move around the stage in a special way.

According to the sources, this project is in charge of Ubisoft Bordeaux. It is still in a very early stages of developmentreason why this test has taken place: the company wants to assess the users’ view of the “study view” as well as the core experience of the project. gameplayalthough it is still too green. Perhaps that is why we can see a different art style for each of the charactersor perhaps that is due to a desire to incorporate varied aesthetics as occurs in other popular games of the genre such as Fortnite.

Project Qwhich has not yet been officially announced, so we do not know platforms and possible release date, is not the only game of this style that Ubisoft works on: recently Pathfinder existence leakeda new shooter PvPvE that recovers some ideas from the canceled one Hyperscape.

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