Leaks of the new collection of Pokemon Cards

Tom Henry

The new expansion of Pokemon TGC has recently been announced, thus presenting the new cards, and the reactions of the fans have not been long in coming.

This expansion will be released on January 20, 2023 and is an expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: Crown Zenith.

This new box will contain about 160 new cards, 3 Radiant cards, 5 VMAX, 17 V and 70 cards with special arts. Some cards have already been revealed and the images are circulating on the net.

The most interesting thing has been the VSTAR card of Mewtwo. It’s really nice art that everyone has loved:

This is not the only letter that fans have liked, but also there are other VSTARs that have leaked which are really beautiful:

Nintenderos, what do you think of these letters?


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