leather/fabric seat and adjustable lumbar support

Today we review the KFA2 GC-03, a gaming chair with a desEsports Extrasthat combines synthetic leather and breathable fabric in equal parts to be fresh and durable. In addition, an adjustable lumbar support and the possibility of tilting your seat, so we are facing a really complete model in terms of ergonomics.


Before starting the review, I would like to thank KFA2 for their trust in The computer bungler by giving us this KFA2 GC-03 for your analysis. Let’s get started!

Technical specifications

KFA2 GC-03
Textile material Synthetic leather and breathable fabric
Structure Steel
Back Reclining up to 180º
adjustable lumbar support
Height: 80cm
Seat high density foam
Locking tilt function
Height: 46-56cm
armrests 4D (Height, Side, Length, Turn)
Elevator Class 4 gas piston
Adjustable in 10 cm
Base Aluminum with 5 wheels
supported weight Up to 170kg

Packaging and Accessories

GC-03 - packaging

The KFA2 GC-03 It arrives in a very colorful cardboard box that surprises over the usual neutral cardboard boxes, also showing its desEsports Extrason multiple sides.

Inside, it contains the chair disassembled into several parts, all of them very well protected so that it arrives in our hands unpolluted.

As we can see, we find the backrest, the seat and the armrests separately, as well as the base without the wheels installed and other components prepared for installation.


We begin the assembly of the gaming chair KFA2 GC-03 of this review in our garage because it is more comfortable for photographs than from inside our office. The assembly process can last a few 15 or 20 minutes if we have already assembled one before or half an hour otherwise, but it should not be an impediment to buying it that it comes disassembled.

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GC-03 - Base mount

First of all, we installed the 5 wheels under the star-shaped aluminum base, highlighting their unique desEsports Extrasas we see below. Of course, we must be careful when turning the base because they can fall, because sometimes they do not go in completely until we sit on the already assembled chair.

GC-03 - Wheel assembly

GC-03 - Piston assembly

Next, we place the lift cylinder and later the plastic protection around it. This model includes gas piston of class 4which promises to endure until 170kg of weight, a really high figure compared to the 120-150 kg that other models usually allow.

KFA2 GC 03 10 10

GC-03 - Base mount and armrest

It is now the turn to place the armrests and the metal base under the seat, with all the screws already placed in the final positions, so we must remove them first and then fix them with the pieces already in place. Of course, we must first place the armrests, otherwise we will not be able to screw the metal base.

GC-03 - Assembly 2

After this step, we already have the chair half assembled, now moving on to place the backrest and fix it with another 4 screws, 2 on each side. We only need to place the plastic trims that cover the side hinges, as well as the caps that hide both screws.

KFA2 GC-03

KFA2 GC-03 - DesEsports Extras1

Once the assembly process is finished, we find ourselves before the KFA2 GC-03 ready for your review. It is a gaming chair that combines synthetic leather with breathable fabric in equal parts, the area that rests on the body being made of the latter material to improve breathability and thus always remain somewhat cooler. Meanwhile, synthetic leather is easier to clean, although both materials repel water.

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KFA2 GC-03 - DesEsports Extras2

As usual, allow height adjustment 10 cm, increasing the height of the seat from 46 to 56 cm in the process. This is quite wide and does not have very marked lateral enhancements, something that significantly improves comfort, especially in wide people or if we open our legs.

KFA2 GC-03 - DesEsports Extras5

The backrest is somewhat bland, as in most models, missing even the brand’s logo to decorate it.

GC-03 - cushion

The KFA2 GC-03 it only includes the cervical cushion as an independent accessory, because as we will see below, it does not require a lumbar one.

GC-03 - backup

With a height of 80 cm, the backrest offers a truly remarkable appearance: a adjustable lumbar support which makes us forget about the usually uncomfortable cushions.

KFA2 GC-03 - Adjustable lumbar support

With the wheel located on the right margin, we can adjust the lumbar support in and out, looking for the optimal position for our back. In the following images we can see the maximum and minimum position, apparently with little difference, but in use it is noticeable.

GC-03 - folding backrest

How could it be otherwise, we can recline the backrest up to 180º, without falling while doing it. But, to further improve ergonomics, the frog-type base allows the swaying of the seat itself to raise it in the front area, being able to regulate the hardness with which it does so and even lock it in the desired position.

KFA2 GC-03 - Armrest 4D

Finally, we show the regulation of the 4D armrestwhich we can regulate in height, lateral distance, longitudinal distance and rotation, so they will be perfectly adapted to our taste.

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Evidence and Conclusion

GC-03 - Tests

We have tested for hours the KFA2 GC-03 checking how its ergonomics is really good, a step above the majority of gaming models that populate the market. Beyond being able to recline its backrest or having a fairly soft seat, details such as adjustable lumbar support or being able to balance the seat itself always provide comfort and versatility to a chair.

KDA2 GC-03 - Tests

Taking into account that it supports people up to 170 kg, it is very appreciated that it does not have very marked lateral enhancements on the seat, as well as that breathable fabric is used to improve breathability. Of course, we have been able to verify how the chair is better suited to people of average height, because with my 1.88 meters tall, the backrest is somewhat short.

KFA2 GC-03

The KFA2 GC-03 of this review will soon hit the market with a price yet to be confirmed, although we know it will not be very cheap considering the possibilities of regulation it offers.

Main advantages
+ Excellent ergonomics, fully configurable
+ No side bumps, unlike most gaming models
+ Blends synthetic leather well with breathable fabric
+ Very robust, steel chassis and aluminum base
+ Supports up to 170 kg of weight
+ Adjustable lumbar support
+ Locking seat rocker system
+ 4D armrest
+ Includes cervical cushion
+ Easy assembly, anyone can do it
Negative aspects
Price and availability to be confirmed
Other Aspects
* Perfect for people of average height
* Inclination up to 180º

Since The computer bungler we give you the Gold Award to the gaming chair KFA2 GC-03.

Gold Award - The Informatic Chapuzas