LEGO 2K Drive Review

lego 2k drive review

Tom Henry

LEGO 2K Drive Review

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LEGO 2K Drive is a LEGO-based racing game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Games. This game promises to have a lot of adventure and open world to make the LEGO loving gamers feel at home like previous games.

LEGO 2K Drive is played from a third-person perspective. The game takes place in BrickLandia, which consists of a series of regions that players are free to explore. The game features destructible environments, as is common in many particle-laden LEGO games.

The experience feels empty

However, upon completing the story, players can complete different mini-games and challenges in the game world. In the game, players can create their vehicles with 1,000 unique LEGO pieces, although more conventional options are also available, such as those from LEGO City, LEGO Creator and LEGO Speed ​​Champions. Vehicles can also transform, similar to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed.

For example, a land vehicle can transform into a boat if it is driven into the water, if it is on an offroad road it also gets another shape. The game mechanics are also very similar to Mario Kart where players obtain tools or powers to weaken, take off the track or try to get their opponents out of the way in search of victory.

The graphics, sound and environment could be better

The vast majority of things you see in the environments can be completely smashed, although to be honest it’s not like the other LEGO games I’ve been able to review. The gaming experience feels empty and although I was able to play it on a PS5 with Dolby Atmos surround sound system and an 8K TV, the game doesn’t feel as attractive as the other LEGO games developed by TT Games. It also doesn’t take full advantage of the PS5 technology with 3D audio and Dual Sense control, this would have been great if it had compatibility with the new PlayStation controller features. LEGO games have a huge strength in story mode and in LEGO 2K Drive I couldn’t really get hooked on it.

A clear example is in the game LEGO City, since the player will be able to do many things with the vehicles and it even feels much more like a LEGO game than LEGO 2K Drive, the game system really feels boring after several games, although it has Its story is a bit LEGO-like for me, it couldn’t fill me completely and it’s very short… The graphics of the game are not as incredible as they should be for a new generation game, the destructions and effects of the game are not great thing since even in the races they have some frame drops.

About the sound of the game, it is decent but not great, for example: in the destruction of blocks and when you hit an opponent it does not sound as impressive as in other games in the series. I think this section is very important since it characterizes a lot of LEGO games, for example: the Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed ​​Champions expansion is incredibly correct and feels more than an expansion since what Playground Games did was spectacular creating a LEGO open world with amazing vehicles and fancy sound and graphics. All the tools that this Forza expansion provides could have been a complete LEGO racing game, although in Forza, it’s not a kart type but I mean how great was this game developed to be just an expansion.

The most pleasant the multiplayer

It’s not all bad in LEGO 2K Drive, the game also includes cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Six-player online and two-player split-screen will also be available which is great for playing with family and friends. Similar to a multitude of kart games, the game also scatters a variety of item pickups throughout its courses that allows you to equip your way to victory. Driving does not require much skill as in other games of its type, which makes any player who does not have much experience immediately adapt to this mechanic. It’s not like a Crash Team Racing that makes players sweat to pass opponents and get an overtake, the game itself could be fun for many.


LEGO 2K Drive It is a game that for me is not the same as what I have seen before in LEGO games. Its story is short and not very interesting, the game system doesn’t feel original like it’s a fresh version of a racing game for the LEGO saga. The sound is one of the many things that I did not like since for a game with many elements and destructions it should be much better, it also has many microtransactions which it shouldn’t have for a game that’s basically played by more kids than adults. However, the cooperative multiplayer modes are the highlight of the game. I hope that for another version in the future Visual Concepts can do something better for this LEGO franchise than a lot of weight. This review was done on a PS5 thanks to the copy provided by 2K.

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