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LEGO 2K Drive will have a store with objects that can only be purchased with real money

LEGO 2K Drive is an ambitious arcade racing for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch which is being developed by Visual Concepts South and which aims to offer us a great adventure with its own story in which there will be space to compete, explore a Esports Extrasntic open world and participate in a multitude of mini-games, all with the added attraction of having one of the most famous and important toy licenses. of the world, as well as with the sense of humor that all their related productions tend to display.

A store with micropayments

Despite its friendly appearance and being a work aimed at the whole family, 2K Games have confirmed that the title will have a store where we can buy all kinds of things with real money, such as new vehicles and figures.. As they have detailed, some items can be bought with a type of currency that we will get by playing, while the rest will require us to invest coins, which are obtained by paying.


A company representative has assured that to prevent children from making unwanted purchases, It will be necessary to create a 2K account and in the event that it belongs to a minor, it must be verified by an adult, who will be able to block purchases with real money so that they do not occur. Of course, the business model of the title will not end here, since is being framed as a game as a serviceso you will have season passes and regular updates as part of it.

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In the event that you are interested in this production, whose premiere is scheduled for may 19in vandal We have already had the opportunity to test it and in the article that we dedicate to it we tell you that “the little more than two hours that we have been able to play LEGO 2K Drive They have left a pleasant taste in our mouths. It is a blockbuster in the speed arcade genre, something that is always welcome. It superimposes its own ideas on top of the established ones: the driving mechanics that make the races chaotic in a good way, the vast number and variety of mini-games, the surprising and satisfying vehicle construction, and that touch of goofy humor hallmark of LEGO audiovisual productions. Fans of these types of titles would do well to keep an eye on him over the next few months because it looks like Visual Concepts has struck a good line.”

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