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Less smartphone variety in Germany – two manufacturers are no longer allowed to sell

There are numerous smartphone providers in Germany. We can choose from a wide range of different manufacturers. But now there should be two less. Due to a patent infringement, you will have to do without well-known manufacturers such as Oppo and, in some cases, OnePlus in the future.

Oppo was popular with many buyers and recently distinguished itself as a quality manufacturer with the Find X5 Pro. Even if the brand is not a big name in Germany like Samsung or Apple, the company is well established. After a lengthy patent dispute with Nokia, Oppo is defeated and forced to stop selling smartphones in Germany for the time being.

As a sister company, OnePlus is also affected by the judgment, which was recently OnePlus 10T launched a new flagship. Devices from the inexpensive Nord series may continue to be sold.


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The decision to ban sales is no coincidence. Oppo has been in a patent dispute with Nokia for a long time. Specifically, it is about two patent infringements, as reports:

According to Heise Online, the Chinese company denies a complete withdrawal from the German market.


Consequences for users?

However, buyers need not fear any short-term changes. As the company announces on its website, the devices in Germany will continue to receive software updates. Customer service is also still available:

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Product information is currently not available on our website.


Q: Can I continue to use OPPO products without restrictions, access support and receive future updates?

A: Yes, you can continue to use your OPPO products without restrictions, access support and of course you will also receive all future updates.


Otherwise, the website is almost empty. Only the Nord series can be purchased on the OnePlus website. The flagship series like that OnePlus 10 Pro can still be viewed, but a buy button has been removed.

Order the new Pixel 6a directly? No problem!

Wearables like headphones or smartwatches will continue to be offered for sale by the two companies in Germany. It is currently still unclear when Oppo will be allowed to participate in the smartphone market again in this country and the future will show.

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With the X80 Pro, Vivo is launching a true flagship in cooperation with the manufacturer of photo lenses »Zeiss«.

With the X80 Pro, Vivo is launching a true flagship in cooperation with the manufacturer of photo lenses »Zeiss«.

Vivo and Realme are also on trial

The two companies Vivo and Realme are currently in a patent dispute with Nokia regarding the 5G licenses. Like Oppo and OnePlus, both companies belong to BKK-Electronics from China. If the two manufacturers face a similar fate, the selection of smartphones in Germany will be further reduced.

What is your opinion on the smartphones from Oppo and OnePlus? Have you purchased products from the two affected manufacturers in the past? Tell us in the comments!