LG OLED B1 TV for 999 euros, Acer laptop 300 euros cheaper, discounts on Logitech peripherals and more offers on gaming PCs

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We have a day marked by hardware ahead of us. not only do we have more details of the new AMD processors, expected by enthusiasts after the good results of the last generation of those in red, but also news about Intel graphics cards, the Intel Arc, which we haven’t heard from for a while. In this context, we double down on hardware and return to the fray with our Hunting Bargains.

Deals on PC Desk Accessories


We have a measured selection of accessories for our desk this week, but no less powerful for that, since it has such interesting components as the LG OLED B1 TV for almost 400 euros less, or the Logitech G604 at half price.

  • Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED Mouse for 57.99 euros (Previous price 105 euros). If what you are looking for is a mouse with many programmable buttons without losing the typical features of a mouse gamingyour model is the Logitech G604, an excellently built wireless mouse, with the brand’s Hero 25K sensor, and no less than 15 programmable controls.
  • Corsair K55 RGB PRO Keyboard (membrane in guide) for 44.99 euros (previous price 53.31 euros). For a relatively modest price we can get this Corsair keyboard, which enjoys a fantastic construction and great functionality thanks to its size and compatibility with the brand’s software suite. It is not mechanical, but its rail-mounted keys give it extra firmness and consistency.
  • SteelSeries QcK XXL Mousepad for 29.99 euros (previous price 39.99 euros). One of the best-selling gaming mats from SteelSeries, which is also one of the brands with the most projection in this market. It has a good size and good finishes. Now, in addition, it has a small discount.

LG OLED OLED55B1-ALEXA – Smart TV 4K UHD 55 inches (139 cm), Artificial Intelligence, 100% HDR, Dolby ATMOS, HDMI 2.1, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi

  • LG OLED-B1 TV (55 inches) for 999.99 euros (Previous price 1,359.99 euros). This is one of the lowest prices for which we have recently seen this LG television, which has a high-refresh OLED panel, with 4K resolution, compatibility with HDMI 2.1 and an enviable latency within its range, perfect to crown our room with a team capable of taking advantage of it.
  • Logitech G413 Keyboard (touch switch) for 54.99 euros (Previous price 105 euros). The price of this Logitech keyboard is not bad, an ideal option for those looking for an intermediate step between the membrane and a typical mechanical switch, both for its construction and for its Romer-G switches.
  • Monitor BenQ EW2480 (24 inches) for 122.90 euros (Previous price 199.90 euros). New model of the BenQ entry range with IPS panel, which is also currently on sale at VS Gamers. It has 1080p resolution with a 75hz refresh rate, and a good factory calibration.

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Deals on other player accessoriesCz03

Same trend as with the previous section for our accessories to play, a short and powerful list of members for which we have found offers, in our eyes, of the most interesting.

  • Logitech G PRO X Headphones for 79.99 euros (previous price 135 euros). Since February we have not seen these Logitech headphones so low, one of the company’s most interesting cable-based connections, both for their sound and for their powerful list of extras. Round a 41% discount currently.
  • Logitech F310 Controller for 22.99 euros (previous price 34.30 euros). One of the Logitech controllers that have been around the market for the longest time. It has a comfortable form factor, a good size, and a firm button panel to play for hours and hours. For its price, it seems like a solid option to us.
  • UMI ergonomic chair for 220.99 euros (previous price 259.99 euros). From the Asian brand UMI comes this ergonomic chair on sale at Amazon. It has good adjustability, a standard design, and a price we haven’t seen for months.

razer Kiyo X Webcam

  • Razer Kiyo X Webcam for 69.99 euros (previous price 89.99 euros). The revised version of Razer’s quintessential webcam, featuring revamped autofocus, the ability to capture live at 1080@30fps or 720@60fps, and a compact desEsports Extrasso it won’t attract attention wherever you leave it .
  • Asus RT-AC85P AC2400 Router for 75 euros (previous price 109.49 euros). A solid router to replace those that are not compatible with MU-MIMO technology already in years, or to extend our home network with the facilities provided by this Asus model.
  • WD Elements External HDD (5 TB) for 99 euros (Previous price 132.22 euros). The games “weigh” more and more, but with 5 TB for less than 100 euros thanks to its current reduction, expanding our library is relatively easy thanks to this external drive from Western Digital.

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PC Component Dealscz02

We come to the PC components section, which this week includes some unusual parts in these parts, such as the Corsair iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT heatsink from the three-masted sailboat brand.

  • Esports Extrasbyte Z590 AORUS PRO AX Motherboard for 149.89 euros (Previous price 237.10 euros). Very complete motherboard for the eleventh and tenth generation of Intel processors, which is now on sale at PcComponentes at a third of its usual price.
  • Corsair iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT Liquid Cooling for 104.96 euros (Previous price 132.90 euros). Not bad the price for which we can get this heatsink with liquid radiator from Corsair, one of the most popular of the brand, with a small discount in between.

Kingston A400 SSD Internal Solid Hard Drive 2.5" SATA Rev 3.0, 240GB - SA400S37/240G

Kingston A400 SSD Internal Solid State Drive 2.5″ SATA Rev 3.0, 240GB – SA400S37/240G

  • Internal storage Kingston A400 SSD (SATA III) for 29.99 euros (Previous price 44.99 euros). One of Kingston’s most affordable options for anyone looking for solid storage for their gear. In addition, it is now a few euros reduced.
  • PC Tower Mars Gaming MCZW (mATX) for 39.95 euros (Previous price 41.90 euros). For just under 40 euros, this Mars Gaming box seems like a very interesting option for those looking for an apparent tower, and very complete, for a little.


Gaming Laptop Dealscz01

This week’s laptops feature a diverse selection that jumps between the two extremes of the mid-range in terms of raw power and build. This is what we found on sale this week:

  • Acer Nitro 5 AN515-45-R19D for 898 euros (previous price 1,199 euros). One of the most affordable models for which we can get an RTX 3060 to play. In addition to the Nvidia GPU, we have a Ryzen 5600H as the main processor, 512 GB of SSD, and 16 GB of RAM.
  • HP Victus 16-e0010ns for 699 euros (previous price 799 euros). A restrained HP model with a GTX 1650 as the main graphics card along with a Ryzen 5600H as the CPU. At its current price it is a most complete entry model.

Dell G15 - 15.6 Laptop" FullHD (Intel Core i7- 10870H, 16GB DDR4 SDRAM, 512GB NDIVIA, GeForce RTX, Linux) Dark Gray - USAQWERTY keyboard

Dell G15 – 15.6″ FullHD Laptop (Intel Core i7- 10870H, 16GB DDR4 SDRAM, 512GB NDIVIA, GeForce RTX, Linux) Dark Gray – USAQWERTY Keyboard

  • Dell G15 for 1,160 euros (previous price 1,399 euros). This Dell model is on sale again, with a fantastic build, Intel i7-10870H processor, and an Nvidia RTX 3060 as dedicated graphics.
  • Asus ROG G513QM-HF070 for 1,449 euros (Previous price 1,799 euros). With a powerful Ryzen 5900HX, a fantastic chassis, and an Nvidia RTX 3060, this Asus laptop is perfectly capable of comfortably exploring any current gaming library.

Offers in video games for PC.

With campaigns like the Capcom game sales on Steam, or the RPG deals on the Humble Store, this week we have an interesting selection of video games on sale in our bargains. This is what we liked the most this week:

  • Resident Evil Village (Steam) for 29.99 euros (Previous price 59.99 euros). One of the star releases of last year, as well as the last chapter of a legendary saga within the video game world. Village explores the paths of RE:VII by extending its story and connecting it more firmly with the saga.
  • Outward (Humble Store) for 11.99 euros (Previous price 39.99 euros). In the Humble Store we have several RPGs on offer, among all of them, we wanted to highlight Outward for its western-style proposal and its classic philosophy that makes it a real well of hours once we learn its mechanics. Their DLCs are also on sale.
  • Deathloop: Deluxe Edition (Humble Store) for 39.99 euros (Previous price 79.99 euros). The latest work from Arkane Studios is on sale at the Humble Store at half its usual price, and no less than in its special edition with extra content; if you haven’t played it, and you like single player shooters, it’s recommended.
  • *text muted* May Cry HD Collection (Fanatical) for 8.69 euros (Previous price 29.99 euros). You can play these early 2000s classics in HD for less than half the price thanks to this offer from Fanatical. Includes the first three titles of the DMC saga.Cz00
  • Syberia (GOG) for 1.99 euros (Previous price 12.99 euros). Certainly, Syberia is not as well known as other modern members of the genre to which it belongs (Adventure), but it is one of the titles that most helped define the shape of the modern adventure game. The entire saga is on sale on GOG, but if you haven’t played it, what better way to start than the first one.
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising: Gold Edition (Green Man Gaming) for 40 euros (Previous price 99.99 euros). This curious mixture of the mechanics of the current Assassin’s Creed with the most heterogeneous open world adventures makes Immortals Fenyx Rising a very enjoyable title. This is their most complete edition, which is less than half the price.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition (Humble Store) for 29.99 euros (Previous price 49.99 euros). Almost certainly, since it was launched in 2011, you’ve played Skyrim at some point, but if you haven’t visited Bethesda’s famous work for a long time, this is one of the best ways to do it, both for its current offer, and for its many improvements.
  • monster hunter rise (Steam) for 39.59 euros (Previous price 59.99 euros). If you like the Monster Hunter saga, so will Monster Hunter Rise. The latest installment in Capcom’s popular hunter series picks up some of the paths left behind in World to offer a more “authentic” experience than previous installments in the series.

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With all the sections covered, we finish our Hunting Bargains of the week. If you want to know more about the previous editions of this weekly text, or if you want to consult our buying guides and recommendations, you just have to click on the topics that you will find below. See you inside next week

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