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Lies of P gameplay features bosses, weapon customization, and how to pimp Pinocchio

Lies of P - 30 minutes of new gameplay features battles, weapons, upgrades and bosses


Lies of P – 30 minutes of new gameplay features battles, weapons, upgrades and bosses

There are games that are very stingy with “real” game scenes before release, so that we often can’t really imagine how the mechanics work – and there’s Lies of P. The title that combines the Pinocchio story with Blooborne- Mixing vibes and generally soulful gameplay treats us to trailers from which we can glean a great deal of information.

The new video is no exception at over 30 minutes. We’ll tell you what there was to see in terms of combat, bosses, weapon customization and fancy upgrades for the doll boy.

Bosses in the Spotlight

Boss fights: In addition to the normal level opponents, who can sometimes be bigger, Pinocchio duels in the trailer with two bosses, who even introduce themselves to us with the name display above the life bar. Allow: Mad Donkey (mad donkey) and Scrapped Watchman (discarded or scrapped security guard).

The former is a smaller, human, or at least humanoid, donkey-masked opponent. He wields a weapon reminiscent of the Bloodborne saw cleaver or saw spear.

This is the mechanical security guard who has probably seen better days.

This is the mechanical security guard who has probably seen better days.

The Scrapped Watchman, on the other hand, is one of those typical massive bosses that tower a few heads over our character and attack with heavy attacks. The automaton, which also has something of a tin soldier with its red-nosed face and helmet, mostly moves on all fours, but also stands up in the middle of a fight, glowing red.

If you want to know more about the combat system or the story and the setting of the action game, take a look at our large overview article:

Lies of P: game world, combat system and story


more on the subject

Lies of P: game world, combat system and story

Improvements, weapon customizations and more

For those of you who want to know more about the game mechanics and upgrades, there is a lot of menus that can be seen in the new gameplay footage. At checkpoints called “Stargazers”, which correspond to the lamps in Bloodborne, we have the following options:

  • Travel to other Stargazers
  • upgrades
  • Weapon Upgrade
  • weapon combination
  • Replace “Legion” arms
  • storage box

Upgrade and Modify Weapons: As the video progresses, we can get an idea of ​​what various of these menu items look like. For example, it is shown that to improve weapons we need both in-game currency and materials. We also see how a hilt and a blade are combined into a new weapon.

But you can also see which upgrades are available for the character in general or how you can equip them with new clothes or consumables.

What does the new gameplay material look like to you, or: What do you find particularly exciting in the video?

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