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Lies of P has been a great success and the developer celebrates the goal achieved

lies of p has been a great success and the

Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio have announced that the soulslike Lies of P exceeds one million copies sold in less than a month since its launch on September 19. It is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and the Xbox Game Pass subscription.


“This incredible goal for Lies of P demonstrates the potential of Korean console games on a global level,” said Seungchul Kim, CEO of Neowiz. “The project Lies of P It has been a challenge and It is a great pride for what has been achieved with this title.“. In addition to sales, it has also been a critical success thanks to the quality and the secrets that its world keeps.

“The reception has been incredible so far, and we are beyond grateful to exceed one million players who have embarked on this journey for Krat,” says its director, Jiwon Choi, who talks about showing “more” at the right time. At the moment it has been confirmed that receiving downloadable content and there is some clue as to what an expansion or its sequel could encompass. What is clear is that this success guarantees that Round8 Studio will continue creating more action RPGs.


What we tell you about Lies of P

“Part of the triumph of Lies of P It is because he is a dedicated student who has studied the big names. In the future, Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio may be required to do more exhaustive work on map design, a better balance in general difficulty, fun multiplayer functions and, above all, some type of innovation that will truly remain in the memory. but right now we can only describe it as one of the pleasant surprises of the season“, we tell you in the conclusions. “This time Pinocchio has not lied: it is a good game.”


These days another one has been launched soulslike, Lords of the Fallen. Here we tell you the differences between one and the other, since they offer A slightly different approach to combat and exploration.

Lies of P exceeds one million