Lies of P launches benchmark from minimum requirements to 4K for PC | Top News

lies of p launches benchmark from minimum requirements to 4k

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Lies of P launches benchmark from minimum requirements to 4K for PC | Top News

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Lies of P just confirmed us if we can play him or not on PC, and under what conditions, through an exhaustive video that shows us the performance of the game through different configurations. That is, they have launched their own benchmark to reveal its performance according to the components of our computer.

So, thanks to this we have been able to decipher how it would behave depending on the graphic quality and resolution, differentiating, on the one hand, between its minimum and recommended requirements and, on the other, between configurations 1080p (1920×1080), 1440p (2560×1440), and 2160p (4K, 2840×2160).

Similarly, they have confirmed that we need 50 GB storage. In the minimum requirements it will be enough that our memory is of the HDD type; but both in recommended and in the different resolutions that they expose, the ideal is that it be SSD to optimize its staging.

Lies of P reveals all its requirements through its tests benchmark

In some of the examples that they show us, we see that, for example, for one RX 650 and a 17-13700K the game is capable of staying above 60 FPS on graphics settings with graphics performance options. And although the game does not look too good in these circumstances, it is logical, since we are being shown its simplest version.

Quasarzone Image

If we are looking for a higher graphic quality with higher performance, things change. For example, to enjoy it in 4K at more than 100 FPS, the minimum is an 8 GB RTX 3060 Ti or a 12 GB RX 6750 XT with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or an i7-8700. With these requirements, the game is capable of running at full resolution with an average of over 100 FPS. And if we want it to be 4K, but 60 FPS is enough for us, with a 6 GB RTX 2060, for example, we will have more than enough.

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