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Lies of P: Neowiz has revealed when Pinocchio’s ‘soulslike’ is coming out

During the second day of Esports ExtrasFanFest, Neowiz and Round8 studio announced when it’s coming out. Lies of P, the ‘soulslike’ starring Pinocchio. This announcement was made through a new trailer and a statement that revealed the characteristics that this reimagining of the story of the wooden doll that wants to be a real boy will have.

The trailer reveals when it comes out Lies of P. the dark fantasy game starring Pinocchio.

When does it come out Lies of P?

If you are those who like ‘soulslike’ and can’t wait to find out when it comes out Lies of Pwe tell you that the game that reimagines the story of Pinocchio It will arrive in August 2023 on Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X consoles via Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, sometime in August 2023 the Round8 title will reach PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC via Steam.

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Additional to the announcement of when it comes out Lies of P. the Round8 studio has shared some aspects of the game:

  • visual concept: The city of Krat was inspired by the ‘Belle Époque’ era in Europe (late 19th century to early 20th century) and is the epitome of a city collapsed and deprived of prosperity.
  • “Liar” missions and multiple endings: Lies of P will have interconnected procedural missions that unfold based on how the character lies. These choices will affect the ending of the story.
  • weapon crafting system: in Lies of P weapons can be combined in many ways to create something completely new. Do your research to find the best combinations and make something really special.
  • special skills system: Since Pinocchio is a doll, you can switch parts of his body to gain new abilities and—hopefully—an advantage in battle, but not everything we believe will help us in battle. Since artifacts can be created that will help us advance in our adventure.
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What is the story of Lies of P?

video game pinocchio
What will the story be like? Lies of P?

In Liest of P we will see a different version of the story of pinocchio. To begin with, the traditional wooden puppet will have a more modern style in this title. After waking up on a train, Pinocchio finds a mysterious note that says “Look for Gepetto in the city.” Without really knowing who this mysterious man is and wanting to understand what happened to him before he woke up and why he is in a city in ruins, Pinocchio embarks on a journey in the terrifying Krat.

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the adventures of pinocchio They tell the story of a puppet that came to life and tells lies to make his day-to-day life a little easier. However, Pinocchio will learn the consequences of deceit. Lies Of P will display this same argument. This creation of Gepetto will be able to lie during the story of the game and in this way he will become more human. However, he may discover that humanity is more trouble than it seems.

Via: IGN