Lies of P, the “Bloodborne of Pinocchio”, reveals its release date and releases a demo on PC | Top News

lies of p, the "bloodborne of pinocchio", reveals its release

Tom Henry

Lies of P, the “Bloodborne of Pinocchio”, reveals its release date and releases a demo on PC | Top News

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Many want to imitate FromSoftware, but few have done it with as much charisma as the workers at Round8 Studio. Taking inspiration from Bloodborne, his video game, Lies of P, is one of the most anticipated soulslikes of history. Now, we have a stunning new trailer that tells us when its release date will be.

With charisma, a unique aesthetic, but also elements that separate it from From, the new trailer for Lies of P gives us two long-awaited news, not only the release date, but also when we can try it. A clue, it will be as soon as you finish reading this news.

The best thing about the trailer has been, without a doubt, it has been the answer to the question that all fans of the game have been asking themselves almost since it was released: when does Lies of P come out? Well, we won’t have to wait long, because it will come September 19 of this year. In addition, it will be released within the Xbox Game Pass.

if you want to try Lies of Paffectionately called Pinocchio’s Bloodborne, you just have to go to its Steam page and download it. It is available from now to put your teeth long. It’s certainly one of the best looking games to hit the arcade genre. soulslike.

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