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Like Fortnite as Anime: New Battle Royale is not only worth a look for My Hero fans

Do you side with the villains or the heroes?

Do you side with the villains or the heroes?

Genre: Battle royale, fighting game Developer: Bandai Namco, Byking Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC release: 2022

Attention all anime fans! My Hero Academia is getting a new video game later this year that looks promising. My Hero Ultra Rumble combines hero shooter and battle royale into a colorful mix of genres with a comic look, which is also reminiscent of Fortnite. Although the Battle Royale genre is very crowded at the moment, Bandai Namco’s approach with the different characters is fun, even if you don’t know the anime.

My Hero Academia is the ideal battle royal template

My Hero Ultra Rumble is based on the anime My Hero Academia. In the My Hero universe, almost all people have a superpower, so those who weren’t given one at birth stand out. Of course there are schools in the world where the powers called quirks or quirks are trained. The selection of characters and different abilities is correspondingly large.

Close to template: It is immediately noticeable how well the game can capture the style of the anime series. The environments are beautifully colorful and the characters are recognizable. Trying out the various skills known from My Hero Academia should bring great joy to all fans. You can get an impression of the look and the action in the trailer:

My Hero Ultra Rumble trailer shows the anime battle royale for PS and Xbox


My Hero Ultra Rumble trailer shows the anime battle royale for PS and Xbox

This is how My Hero Ultra Rumble plays

Choose your side: At the beginning of a game you have to decide for the bad guys or the good guys and then choose from a pool of characters (there were twelve in the beta). Once you have done that, you can choose a starting point on the map as a team of three, over which you will be dropped.

Here, in the style of the Hunger Games, it’s all about eliminating all other teams in the area and securing the area. Once you have collected all the resources in the vicinity, you can expand your radius until, ideally, you are the last team left.

My Hero Ultra Rumble bakes a little smaller buns than most other battle royale titles and only throws eight teams of three players into the fight. A total of 24 people always compete against each other. Accordingly, the maps are kept relatively small, which makes games nice and crisp.

The playstyle comes from the choice of characters, which are divided into five archetypes:

  • striker
  • defender
  • athlete
  • trickster
  • supporter

Depending on your decision for a character, you are more in demand for close combat, long-range combat or as a healer/buffer. The large selection of well-known characters is also what makes My Hero Ultra Rumble so appealing, because both your own and the other teams can always be thrown together in new ways. Achievements also unlock cosmetic customization options. So variety is guaranteed.

My Hero Ultra Rumble is Free2Play: There is currently a big question mark over monetization. Bandai has added a gatcha system to the game, which gives you random costumes and other goodies for real money. At launch, the system doesn’t appear to be a problem, but whether new characters and other essential content will come behind the paywall at a later date remains to be seen.

Jonathan Harsh

So far I haven’t had any contact with My Hero Academia and I only play Battle Royale games from time to time. Still, My Hero Ultra Rumble managed to pique my interest. Throwing yourself into the hustle and bustle in threes and coordinating the respective abilities of the characters is just super fun. If you like the manga or the anime, the title is probably a must anyway.

As with all other online titles, the same applies to My Hero Ultra Rumble: Success lies in the hands of the community. If this is big and active enough, the battle royale will probably be able to last for a while. If not, the battle arenas could quickly become deserted.

Fancy some anime action with My Hero Ultra Rumble?

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