Like Pokemon, but with good graphics: This RPG is a competitor that just hit the huge table | Top News

like pokemon, but with good graphics: this rpg is a

Tom Henry

Like Pokemon, but with good graphics: This RPG is a competitor that just hit the huge table | Top News

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What for me is one of the best monster-catchers in recent years, and one of the most attractive Pokemon alternatives, has been confirmed along with its first teaser. Is about nexomon 3. In the process, by the way, she has starred in a upgrade truly remarkable graphic, reminding us of the change in dynamics that we already saw in Pokemon once it made the leap to the new generation.

And although in the teaser we cannot see too much, yes we have been able to confirm that it will be a 3d open world game in the purest Pokemon Scarlet style. However, reducing this game to a mere comparison with the big N classic would be a mistake, since one of its main characteristics has been its ability to stand out thanks to its great personality, its irreverent sense of humor and the charisma of its players. designs.

Nexomon 3 will be a 3D open world

This new installment, whose USAtranslation has not yet been confirmed, represents a leap in quality compared to the first two. At least this is evidenced by the different images that have been shared through its official Steam page. Through this we can add it to our wish list right now, if it has caught our attention.

It has really caught our attention and, certainly, we hope that in a while VEWO INTERACTIVE will confirm the localization in Spanish. After all, both the first and the second installment ended up implementing it, although it is true that the first installment of Nexomon did not stand out too much in that sense. The second part did.

Be that as it may, this announcement is very welcome news for lovers of monster-catching games, since it not only offers us a new alternative, but it does so by betting on a new desEsports Extrasand an open world. This brings you that much closer to some of the most accepted and beloved precepts of the current generation. That being said, at the moment there is no release date.

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