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LINE: Monster Rancher presents its hilarious opening cinematic

The company LINE Corporation has shared through its official YouTube channel (via Gematsu) the opening animation that will appear in LINE: Monster Rancherthe new installment of the popular Koei Tecmo franchise that will go on sale in Japan sometime in 2022. The video, which is in perfect Japanese, begins with what appears to be an explanation to provide some context on how humans and monsters have been collaborating in order to survive since time immemorial. Later, we can see a series of monsters, each one more different than the previous one, fighting for a succulent piece of meat.

Key Features of LINE: Monster Rancher

In addition to this careful kinematics, LINE has shared the main premise of the video game that, at the moment, is not scheduled to be released in other territories. “A long time ago, the researches of scientists led to the establishment of the technology to generate monsters through disk stones. There came a time when humans and monsters coexisted, in which Monster Fighting was in vogue among many and monster breeding was the most popular profession“, We can read.

“But on the other hand, a drastic increase in demand caused a shortage of disk stone supply. The monsters were almost certain to reach the end of their lifespan and disappear altogether. new golden age of Monster Battles is on the horizon when researchers discover a new method of generating monsters through ‘human connection!'” he continues.

As we have mentioned, the new Monster Rancher It will be released for iOS and Android mobile phones in Japan sometime in 2022.

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