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Linux users on Steam prefer AMD CPUs

linux users on steam prefer amd cpus

According to the latest Steam Hardware Usage Report, it has been revealed that among the users who use Linux for gaming, most of them have a strong preference for use an AMD processor. Why are Ryzens the most popular CPUs on Linux? What has influenced the growth in popularity within the world of the free-by-reference operating system?

One thing we must not forget is that the operating system of the Steam Deck it’s based on Linux, while the chip that powers it, Van Gogh, is entirely made by AMD. In this way, the existence of Valve’s portable console, based on PC hardware, is part of the statistics. However, there are other reasons that make the popularity of Lisa Su’s company’s processors rising among users of the penguin operating system.

AMD CPUs double the market share of Intel’s

Intel AMD Linux Steam CPU Market Share June 2023

During the past month of June, 7.68% of the Steam user market share on Linux moved from Intel to AMD CPUs. The consequences of it? AMD achieved 68% of the total market share, leaving Intel with the remaining 32%. It is, therefore, a situation that is completely adverse to what happens in Windows, where we all know that the blue brand processors are more popular. Of course, we cannot forget that only 1.44% of total Steam users use Linux, which is a point that we must highlight.


However, everything indicates that the choice of AMD CPUs by Linux users responds to the improved support for said system in recent times. All this thanks to the policy of making the drivers of the different components not a closed box, but open source. Something that is always liked by that community.

And it is that, given the need to require more advanced technical knowledge in terms of computing, it is common for Linux users to decide to mount their PCs where they choose AMD microprocessors. Intel has a huge advantage in the fact that it dominates the OEM market of pre-built markets, where many times the hardware does not get along with the penguin operating system by using not so well optimized components that make the experience a bumpy ride.

The Steam Deck is also largely to blame

SteamOS 3 running on PC

Currently, the Steam Deck operating system can be installed on any PC, but to avoid incompatibilities, what is done is to use the same or similar hardware to that used by Valve’s portable console. That is, an AMD CPU and RDNA 2-based graphics card, either integrated or dedicated. It’s a shame AMD hasn’t released a desktop version of its latest APUs, as then it would be very easy to make low-cost PCs based on SteamOS. Let’s not forget that the Linux variant created by Valve has become the biggest promoter of Linux for gaming instead of Windows.


The popularity of the Steam Deck means that every timemore games for windows can be played under linux. Although at the moment less than 2% of people enjoy it, it cannot be denied that the situation is much better than a few years ago. And all thanks to the fact that the Valve console does not use Windows to work. Of course, all their competition has taken the opposite path and they have gone the easy way. That is, adopt the use of Windows 11.

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