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liquid cooling, DDR5 and iCUE Link

liquid cooling, ddr5 and icue link

One of the manufacturers that obviously could not miss the Computex 2023 is CORSAIR. Those who have presented their new products, among which stand out above all new DDR5 memories, components for liquid cooling and new products within its renowned iCue brand. Let us, therefore, take a bird’s eye view of everything that the American company has shown at the fair as a novelty, where above all its new RGB lighting standard stands out, iCue Link.

Little by little, a general trend is taking shape within the hardware components market. And it is that each one of them and without leaving said market, is testing new waters, offering products of unique value and differentiating themselves from the competition. The general feeling that emerges is that the characteristic homogeneity has been lost and each one of the manufacturers is presenting products that are not a repetition of other products. Whether on an aesthetic level or by adding new functionalities and features.


CORSAIR bets on liquid cooling at Computex 2023

Corsair iCue Link XC7 Computex 2023

In what CORSAIR has bet the most in Computex 2023, without a doubt it has been in components for liquid cooling, especially in water blocks and LCD screens for real-time monitoring of them. Not only have they presented products to keep our CPU cool, such as the iCUE Link XC7 RGB Elite and its version with screen that is the iCUE Link XC7 RGB Elite LCD.

These liquid coolers are built in a nickel-copper alloy with a flow channel desEsports Extrasthat guides the liquid through micro-threaded blades. Its particularity is that it does not store the refrigerant in the upper part, but on the sides. To distribute it, it uses the same mechanism as closed refrigeration systems.

Corsair iCUE XD5 RGB Elite LCD Computex

CORSAIR’s second commitment to liquid cooling has been the iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite and XD5 RGB Elite LCD with integrated pump. It is about de 440 ml cylindrical tanks and that they come with fill ports and G1/4 type threads” for easy assembly. In addition to bringing RGB LEDs and a mechanism to prevent water vortices from being generated.



As the latest product for, they have shown the CORSAIR iCUE Link XG3 RGB Elite for graphics cards, which claims to be a hybrid system between liquid and air cooling using a heatsink and a fan on top of the liquid-cooled plate, which is located on top of the GPU and graphics card VRAM. In such a way that the rest of the components of the graphics card reduce their temperature through a fan.



One of the novelties to highlight from CORSAIR at Computex 2025 are its new DDR5 memories, successors to its DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB. Since, after all, if this manufacturer stands out for something, above the rest it is for the DDR5 RAM memory modules. This year, in this aspect, they have brought us the new DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 who bring technology CORSAIR DHX passive cooling based on anodized aluminum to be able to reach higher clock speeds while overclocking them, whether you are using them in Intel with XMP 3.0 or with AMD EXPO.

In addition, it is possible to exchange the RGB LED strip at the top of each of these modules, which should allow us to give the PC that has them installed a greater personality or we can simply do without them. Regarding its specifications, these can reach a speed of 8000 MT/s DDR5-8000with latency SAC of 30 in the best variants and will be sold in kits of up to 48 GB per module, allowing up to 192 GB capacity on compatible motherboards. Its release date? We will have it in stores this very month of July.


New iCue Link

Corsair iCue Link

If we talk about RGB lighting, all CORSAIR devices speak the same language that is the iCue and in this Computex they wanted to go much further by presenting the iCUE Link ecosystem. The concept is none other than to reduce the number of cables to control the RGB lighting of the components. This allows other related components to be removed from within the PC case as well.

During this 2023 they will launch products compatible with this technology such as fans QX 120 and QX 140 RGB or the renewed series Hydro X liquid cooling. The idea behind iCue Link that CORSAIR has presented at Computex is that of the “Daisy Chain” and it works exactly the same when we chain several monitors in a row through DisplayPort. That is, the central hub is removed and each component controls the RGB lighting of the next in the chain.

CORSAIR iCue Link Stream Deck

Now to finish, in a future update of the Elgato Stream Deck you can use the popular peripheral to control the RGB lighting of iCUE Link devices. And not only this, but apart from controlling the streaming and the lights, you can also have direct access to how to control the speed of the fans and even stop them or information on the temperature of the liquid coolers, which will appear on the screen with a simple peripheral button press.


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