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List of items and cheats for the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple auctions

The auction house of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It is one of the mechanics that you should learn to master as soon as possible.

This is an area of ​​the game where Trainers can purchase bundles of items at a lower price. You can even get unique and special tools that are not found anywhere else.


but to be able participate in auctions efficiently you will need some practice and follow the advice that we will give you about Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. In this article you will find the list of auction items, as well as the method to obtain new items.

Know the auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They are a place of interest that you must visit if you want to get rare items at a good price.

Auctions are a breath of fresh air in the main series, although they are not a new activity in Pokemon. Games always allow us to acquire objects at a lower price in less conventional ways. Even outside of the games it is normal to find Pokemon auctions, either for their expensive unique cards or for merchandising.


However, auctions in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They are not just hobbies. They are actually the most reliable way to get cheap items, and the only way to get certain items.

list of objects auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

If you intend to attend the auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, it will help you to know all the objects that you can find. Each of them can have a positive effect on your adventure that will make your tasks easier, regardless of your objective.

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The following items will be useful for catching Pokemon:

  • pokeball
  • superball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Honor Ball
  • Diving Ball
  • Luxury Ball
  • speedy ball
  • sunset ball
  • ball turn
  • healthy ball
  • Mesh Ball
  • Ball nest
  • Gathering Ball

You can also get the following Bonguri Ball:

  • Rapid Ball
  • ball level
  • Bait Ball
  • ball weight
  • love ball
  • friend ball
  • Moon Ball
  • reverie ball

Ingredients for preparing snacks, berries, vitamins and medicines

When it comes to food, the auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple they may be the place you must visit. Spices and berries from the market Marinade Town they may be exactly what you are looking for.

Next we will list all the snacks and berries that you will find in these auctions Pokemon:

  • Curry Powder
  • Horseradish
  • sausage
  • Fried Steak
  • Klawf’s surimi
  • Grana Berry
  • Algama Berry
  • Melluce Berry
  • Uvav Berry
  • tamate berry
  • Ispero Berry

You can also buy the following vitamins and medicines at the auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple:

  • Potion
  • Fresh water
  • Soft drink
  • Lemonade
  • Moo-moo milk
  • super potion
  • hyper potion
  • More PS
  • More PP
  • Max PP
  • Iron
  • Fuel
  • Protein
  • Zinc
  • Calcium

All evolutionary objects in the auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

For those who want to evolve those special creatures that don’t do it in traditional ways, the auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple they are a great opportunity.

Below you will find all the evolutionary objects that you will find in the market of the Marinade Town:

  • Rock Day
  • Solar Stone
  • dawn stone
  • stone night
  • moonstone
  • king rock
  • metal coating
  • cracked teapot
  • broken teapot
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exchange items

  • silver sheet
  • gold plate

Pens, badges and special objects of the auctions

The auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple they are also an ideal place to look for unconventional objects. These will assist you in your training and will provide you with a unique experience.

If you attend the market of Marinade Town, you can find the silver and gold Plates necessary for Extreme Training. With this you can maximize the IV of your favorite Pokemon.

It is also possible to buy the following pens at the auctions:

  • Pen Vigor
  • Intellect Feather
  • feather muscle
  • Impetus Feather
  • Feather Mind
  • Feather Stamina

You can also find special items in the auctionsalthough for these you will need to comply with Specific conditions:

  • Rotom Catalog: only if you have Rotom in your Boxes.
  • Great Diamansphere: only if you have Dialga in your Boxes.
  • Great Lustresphere: only if you have Palkia in your Boxes.
  • Great Greyosphere: only if you have Giratina in your Boxes.
  • The 17 Arceus Tables: Only if you have Arceus in your Boxes.
  • Punishment Vessel: Only if you have Hoopa in your Boxes.
  • Shadow Scroll: Only if you have Kubfu in your Boxes.
  • Water Scroll: only if you have Kubfu in your Boxes.
  • Binding cord: only if you have Calyrex in your Boxes.
  • Truthful Mirror: Only if you have Enamorus, Landorus, Tornadus, or Thundurus in your Boxes.

pokemon scarlet and purple auctions

How to Unlock the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Auctions

To participate in the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple auctions You will need to have first defeated the leader Fuco in the Pitcher City Gym. This will grant you the Water Medal, with which you can access the Pueblo Marinada market, where the auctions.

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Defeating the leader Fuco is not a trivial task and it is not something you can do in the early stages of the game. This trainer features three strong Water-type Pokemon that are around level 30. Despite Fuco’s good-natured and energetic personality, he is a tough competitor who can weaken your Pokemon if you’re not careful.

In addition to this, you will need to pass the Water Gym test, which requires you to participate in an auction after returning Fuco’s bag. The best way to win Hoenn’s Legendary Seaweed is to apply the lowest price bidding trick, as we’ll explain below.


pokemon scarlet and purple auctions

How to change lots in auctions

The coveted auctions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple they are replaced daily with new random batches, both in the items and their quantities. This of course means that you can change the clock on your nintendoswitch to advance time and find new auctionsa recurring trick among players.

Another option is to save the game just before the new day arrives. The auctions will change a moment later and you will be able to review the new items. If there is nothing that interests you, just reload the game and wait to see what items will appear next.

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