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Live talk round: Making a career as a woman in the gaming industry

How can a woman turn her gaming hobby into a career? On International Women’s Day, 10 women from industry tell you more about their professional career, the opportunities and the challenges associated with it.


That’s what it’s about: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start out in an industry as big and diverse as gaming. Especially when the industry is considered male-dominated.

On International Women’s Day and in connection with the “Girls & Gaming” initiative of our YouTuber network allyance, we are holding a talk round on the streaming channel MAX on the topic of “Making a career as a woman in the industry”.

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How can I gain a foothold in gaming as a woman? What soft skills do you need? And what are the options? When it comes to game development, many people think of it as just programming, but the gaming industry is now much more than that.

In the light-hearted and interactive talk session, industry women will answer questions related to their work and provide tips for women and girls trying to break into gaming.

The program is:

  • Block 1: What is the gaming industry and how did you get there? + short Q&A
  • Block 2: What are your tips for girls/women who want to break into the industry? + short Q&A
  • Block 3: What jobs are there in gaming and what do you need to be successful in the industry? + short Q&A
  • Block 4: Q&A with the community
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The talk round is intended to convey a picture of work in the industry that is as holistic and honest as possible.

The most important things at a glance

When does it start?

  • Date: 8th of March
  • Time: from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
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Who’s in? 10 experts from various areas of the gaming industry will take part in the stream, who will share their experiences in the respective fields with you:


The wide range of areas of competence convey the broadest possible picture of the various possibilities that are available in gaming.

Where can I look? You can follow the talk session on the Monsters and Explosions (MAX) Twitch channel.

Stop by and join the discussions, ask questions, or just join us.


We look forward to you!