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Logitech presents new gaming mouse and keyboard, a steering wheel and products for streamers

logitech presents new gaming mouse and keyboard, a steering wheel

The peripheral manufacturer Logitech, which ends the Logi Play Days today with significant discounts on several of its products, presented last week in Madrid This year’s main new features in the Pro series, designed for video games, facing this Christmas. The person responsible for marketing of Logitech Gaming Iberia, Elena Abella, explained that the brand takes into account the comments of the streamers and consult with professional players when developing the Pro range products.

The products that Logitech had announced so far this year specifically for playing at a professional level are Pro X Superlight 2 mouse (179), the G Pro X TKL keyboard (239) and headphones Pro X2 LightSpeed (289), all of them with LightSpeed ​​wireless technology that allows them to be as fast in response as peripherals need to play professionally. All three devices are sold now in black and white and from October 9 they will also be available in magenta.


A mouse redesigned to transmit the same sensations

Abella explained that the Pro “It’s the mouse gaming most used by players and we wanted that you can see that it is better but that it feels like always”, said, but added that, except for the wheel of scroll everything else is redesigned even in the materials.


The new mouse model uses Lightforce hybrid technology with optical switches that appear mechanical when pressed and “provide greater precision and reliability for very high levels of gaming,” Abella said. Additionally, it allows adjust the DPI to the maximum if you use the Logitech G Hub software and have a battery that lasts up to 55 hours.

The G Pro without the numeric keypad on the right. With LightSpeed ​​technology you can connect mouse and keyboard with a single adapter, so they occupy a single port. The keys are Double injection PBT so that they do not erase over time and compatible with third parties so that the user can customize them if they wish and the RGB lighting is programmable.

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The Pro 50mm graphene transducers They reduce sound distortion and improve it. The microphone is cardioid, with a removable rod.

An exclusive True Force wheel for PC

Logitech today announced a new product gamingthe PC version of the TrueForce + Pro Racing Wheel. Until now there were console versions compatible with PC but the company has decided to desEsports Extrasone only for computers taking into account “that “More than 70% of high-level competitors use the PC as a platform,” According to Albert González, head of marketing Logitech simulation software for Southern Europe.


The pedals are complemented by the Pro Racing pedals, with a modular desEsports Extrasso they can be customized all adjustments to the taste of the player or the game in question, from the brake stroke or force to being able to exchange the pedals or move them slightly. This wheel has also been designed with the collaboration of professional racing simulation players.


Logitech For Creators, designed for streaming

The Pro range is expanded this year to products designed for content creators grouped within the range Logitech For Creators which was inaugurated two years ago. The first novelty is the Logitech G Yeti GX (199.99), a dynamic microphone that captures sound from the top. González explained that with these characteristics you can hear well whether the streamer He speaks softly because he is concentrated as if he is transmitting an exciting moment of the game. The GX is designed for adjust to those volume variations and also to eliminate the keyboard sound. It is compatible with G Hub and Lightning lighting. In addition, it can be held on the base it comes with or on an arm.

The also cardioid Logitech G Yeti Orb (69.99) has a spherical shape and is, Gonzlez said, “the spiritual heir to the Snowball, designed for whoever wants jump off the microphone headset or webcam and have an element according to your setup“, It has RGB lighting, USB-C connector and is compatible with an arm.

Logitech G Yeti Orb Microphone.

Finally, Logitech has presented the Litra Beam LX lighting (169.99), an improvement on last year’s Litra Beam that adds to the features of offering a natural look, without shadows, and changing position to accommodate the rest of the lighting with brightness and color temperature settings, the possibility of changing the color of the back thanks to RGB lighting on the back that helps set the mood. setup of the streamer. The effect can be seen in the software G Hub, which detects any webcam which is connected and offers a preview.

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After the presentation of the products, at the headquarters of Heretics, an esports club that Logitech has sponsored since 2019, the streamer and professional player Miguel Sekiam Mart conducted interviews with Alvar Araneae Martin, director of League of Legends In Heretics and one of the first USAprofessional players between 2012 and 2014, the former racing driver and Montorsports television commentator Roldán Rodríguez and the streamer by Heretics Ana Marrero.