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Logitech’s portable hardware with Xbox Cloud is filtered in images: this is the device and its interface

Compatible with Android, and developed together with Tencent, it could hit stores as early as this year.


With technologies such as Xbox Cloud increasingly established in the market, the industry is moving towards a revolution of devices that seek to take advantage of this and other cloud video game enjoyment services. That is the case of portable hardware from Logitech G and Tencent Games that we learned about a few weeks ago, but that is now being seen in a series of filtered images in all its glory.

Logitech ordered the images removed from Twitter for rights claimThe pictures have not been accompanied by data and specificationsand in fact they have been withdrawn on Twitter after a claim of rights by Logitech G, which gives veracity to the information, but allows to know in great detail what their manufacturers want to offer.

xCloud image

Outwardly, the Logitech G Gaming Handheld is closer in size to the Nintendo Switch than the Steam Deck, with an ABXY button layout, two offset analog sticks, two upper buttons and two triggers; the usual today in controls. On the front, remember The Verge after echoing this information, we can also see up to four buttons for different missions. Let’s continue: at the top there is a slot to expand the storage of the hardware with a microSD drivebuttons to raise and lower the sound, and a switch that we do not know, at the moment, what its operation could be.

In one of the images the screen can be seen on, specifically on the hardware menu. This has its own and apparently accessible interface where access to GeForce Now, Steam, Xbox Cloud and google playso the range of natively compatible video games seems to be wide.

xCloud image

At the moment little more can be said. The fact that there are already promotional images of the device suggests an imminent announcement. In The Verge they point out that the plans of those responsible are for a launch this year. It will be interesting to see if it manages to carve out a niche for itself in the market with products like the Steam Deck ramping up production after such a huge success for Valve.

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