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LoL: 46-second video brilliantly stages skinny nerd as badass hero like The Rock

lol: 46 second video brilliantly stages skinny nerd as badass hero

League of Legends esports seems to be years ahead of all its competitors. Because Riot Games and their partners have now understood how to stage the stars of the game. With 2 mumbled sentences of “English” and bombastic pictures made with the help of the South Korean Ministry of Defense, 26-year-old Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok becomes an action star.

This is the basic problem of e-sports: E-sports is primarily aimed at a young, male audience and needs stars that can be staged:

  • One thinks: The audience actually likes “tough, cool, ironic stars” that you can somehow take as a role model as a boy. People like wrestling stars, action heroes or super athletes in the direction of “The Rock”, Neymar or LeBron James.
  • However, the stars in e-sports are mostly relatively slender, rather shy teenagers and 20-year-olds who may have been teased at school, spend 16 hours every day in front of the PC, actually only speak in headsets and who don’t seem very articulate. That may be a bad cliché, but it’s true in many cases.
  • Let’s put it politely: if LoL players were characters in an RPG, many would have great Dexterity and Intelligence scores, but very few would have high Charisma scores.

Faker is considered a living legend and is something like a national shrine in South Korea:

The Life of Faker – That’s why he’s a living legend

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LoL: Seoul stages fakers as heroes in a bombastic 46 seconds

That is the solution: The city of Seoul shows an example of how to ideally solve the problem. The 2023 World Championship will be held here, the biggest event in League of Legends.

Seoul took the South Korean star player Faker and staged a maximum bombastic video around him, in which Faker only has to say two sentences and otherwise has to look into the camera as seriously and menacingly as possible.

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He says “This is my town” and “Not in my house” in mumbled English – phrases that could come from a sports star.

Otherwise: Quickly edited images, cheering fans, drone shots of Shanghai, triumph, fireworks, skyscrapers, goose bumps music.

Sound desEsports Extrasand music do the lion’s share of the work.


The Korean League LCK proudly announces: The drone recordings could only be made with the approval of the Ministry of Defence.

The trailer is almost reminiscent of videos poking fun at director Michael Bay’s (Transformers, Bad Bodys, The Rock) “bombastic style,” who would even stage fetching the daily mail as “huge action extravaganza” ( via youtube).

Riot Games has been practicing this staging for years. It actually really started with the “trailers” for the worlds. Here, the star players were taken and transformed into comic-book-style iconic characters who experience adventures and pull off crazy stunts.


In the meantime, they are getting better and better at staging the actual players so impressively:

League of Legends stages slender top players like pop stars