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LoL: Beware, if you have one of these 2 champs in your team, you play “4 vs 5” most often

There is an interesting phenomenon in League of Legends: players who select the champion “Yasuo” go afk more often than players who select any other hero: players who select Yasuo go afk almost three times as often as players who rely on Yuumi. The curious thing: The champ who is second most likely to tempt people to “go afk” is Yasuo’s brother Yone.

What is this statistic? The League of Graphs page has evaluated what the “afk” behavior of the players is like. They distinguish:

  • by region
  • according to the level at which lol is played
  • after the chosen champion

What does afk mean? It means: away from keyboard, one is no longer at the keyboard, no longer sits at the computer.

Why is “afk” so bad in LoL? “Going Afk” is frowned upon in LoL because it takes you out of the game and gives the opposing team a huge advantage because your team is playing 4v5: it’s kind of like a soccer team getting a player with red sent off.

Players often go afk when they behave “toxically”, i.e. are so mad at their own team that they say: “Now I’ll take my revenge on the bums and don’t do anything anymore” – or when they (or team members) screwed up the game so badly that they don’t see a way to win anymore.

The phenomenon is also called “rage quinces” – when someone throws down the chunks in a rage and just runs away.

Gorgeous video explains how LoL turns regular players into toxic lunatics

The AFK brothers top the list of rage quitters

These are the 5 worst champions:

  • Yasuo is ahead with 1.14% of all matches
  • His brother Yone follows with 1.02%
  • At 1% is the brawler Sett
  • Xin Zhao staggers in fourth with 0.96% of matches
  • Jax is in 5th place with 0.89%

Why is that?? Yasuo is an “extra cool” champion, but it’s difficult to play. Apparently, players who pick up Yasuo tend to tell everyone how incredibly good they are at LoL. Then they take too many risks, die and withdraw offended.

As Dotesports knows, Yasuo is a character who has to go ‘all in’ with little opportunity to withdraw from a fight going against him.

Yasuo and Yone thrive on winning their lane and then building the advantage – if that doesn’t work, frustration is bound to follow.

In any case, the champions who have a risky play style and have to go into close combat seem to go AFK particularly often.

If you look up “toxic” in the dictionary, his face reportedly comes up:

How Twitch’s worst troll became the face of League of Legends

Who is the bravest champion in LoL? Ironically, the “AFK cat” Yuumi is the least likely to go afk, only in 0.4% of all matches – malicious tongues rumor: The cat is constantly AFK, but nobody notices.

There have been cases where Yuumi has been played “on the side”.

One of the best players in the world demands that Riot delete a champ entirely from LoL

Turkey is the “afk” region – Japanese are the most disciplined in LoL

What is the level like? Exactly how you imagine it: the lower the league, the higher the rate of games where someone goes afk:

  • In solo unranked at least one player goes afk 16.5% of the time.
  • On bronze still in 10.5 of all cases.
  • On Diamond only in 2.3% of all matches.

By the way, the worst region is Turkey – here players go AFK almost 4 times more often (11.3%) than in Japan (3.0%). Our server “EUW” is roughly in the middle with 5.6%.

By the way, it doesn’t always have to be bad when someone goes afk in LoL:

LoL player defeats the evil baron while sitting afk on the toilet


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