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LoL changes the nasty cat that pros have been grumbling about for years – now really meant to be a rookie champ

The cat champion in League of Legends has been hated by many players for years. However, the character is played again and again because he is way too strong. Now, Riot Games is revamping the champion Yuumi to make it more beginner-friendly.

Why is Yuumi being customized? Yuumi has caused a lot of trouble in the past and has always been a challenge to customize. At Worlds 2022, she was so dominating her lane that players felt she should be globally banned.

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It was supposed to be adjusted again and again, but the developers never found the right approach. First, they wanted to make the champion less attractive for pro-play. It even went so far that the developers weakened Yuumi to the point that she was practically unplayable.

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Developer Riot Phroxzon writes (via Twitter) that they see the character as a starter character for friends of longtime players. They want to offer couples a new kind of experience that Yuumi hasn’t shown before. Yuumi’s difficulty will also be adjusted to match her new price of 450 Blue Essence.

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Yuumi will be your new best friend

What are they changing about Yuumi? Yuumi is set to receive a complete overhaul of her abilities as part of the patch 13.5 changes. The developer Riot Phroxzon has already announced the changes to Yuumi on Twitter. It will be playable on the test server until release.


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The background should make them easily accessible for beginners, but difficult to master. First, about her passive ability:

  • If she hits enemies with her attacks or abilities, she heals herself. If Yuumi then latches on to a champion, that champion will be healed as well.
  • With her passive ability, she builds friendship levels over the course of the game. If she is attached to her best friend, her abilities get bonus effects.
  • As a result, Yuumi is less likely to leave her position to attach herself to other champions. Because she loses the bonuses on her skills due to lower friendship level.

Her Q ability hasn’t seen much of an adjustment. The ability is now boosted when it’s on the move for a long time. The projectile speeds up and slows down the enemy. When Yuumi hits a champion, if she’s attached to her best friend, she gets bonus damage on his auto attacks.

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Previously, Yuumi would use her W ability to increase a champion’s base stats when she was attached to them. This is completely eliminated with the rework. Otherwise, your best friend has the advantage of benefiting from more healing.

With her E ability, Yuumi only distributes one shield after the rework. In the notes, the developers explicitly mentioned that all champions can be saved by Yuumi and there is no best friend bonus. Additionally, Yuumi restores mana to the champion she’s attached to.

Yuumi’s original ultimate sent out 5 waves that pinned the opponent. With the rework, that part of the ability is also gone. Instead, when attached to a champion, Yuumi can control the direction of her ultimate.


Teammates hit are healed and excess healing is converted into a shield while enemies are damaged and slowed. For each hit on the enemy, they are slowed by 10% more. Yuumi’s best friend enjoys bonus armor and magic resistance during this time.

All in all, Yuumi should be designed to be less difficult to play against. Her abilities will be more tied to her lane partner, limiting her flexibility.

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