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LoL: Faker and T1 set an insane record as the 1st team of the LCK that shows their dominance

In South Korea, League of Legends is firmly in the hands of the “greatest player of all time”, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. He and his team T1 won the LCK Spring Split 17-1. Even more impressive, they simply won every single prize the LCK has to give away. No team in South Korea had done that before.

How did Faker and T1 fare lately?

  • Actually, in 2022 it already looked like Faker could finally win the longed-for 4th world champion title after 5 weaker years. Faker now has an excellent team at T1, especially the brilliant young support, Keria, who is becoming more and more of a revelation.
  • In the spring of 2022, T1 became champion again in Korea after a long break, and in the summer of 2022 at least second place behind the strong archenemy Gen G.
  • As Worlds approached, T1 looked like a surefire contender, knocking out strong competition from China, only for Faker to lose out to his old school friend Deft in the finals and miss out on title number 4.

This is how it went in 2023 so far: The regular season in South Korea has just ended:

  • T1 has won 17 matches, losing only one against Hanwha Life. Of 43 games played, 8 games were lost
  • Coming off a 13-game win streak, the team comfortably took 1st place in regulation time and are now favorites to win the spring split in South Korea.
  • With a KDA of 6.9, Keria leads the LCK statistics. Gumayusi (5.1), Oner (4.8) and Faker (4.3) are also in the top 20.

The Life of Faker – That’s why he’s a living legend

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All T1 players join the ALL-LCK team – none before them

This is the special service: T1 simply won all the prizes at the awards show at the end of regulation time:


All 5 players from T1 were selected to the 1st All Pro team, no team in South Korea before them.

In addition, the supporter Keria was also voted MVP and awarded “Player of the Split”. Each of the 5 players will receive 2 million won, which is about $1,500.

Players like Peanut, Chovy and Deft then came into the 2nd team.


As Dexerto knows, even by international comparison, only G2 in Europe has managed to fill all 5 positions in the “All Pro” team once, that was in their glory season of 2019 when they almost became world champions.

In South Korea, where the competition is even tougher and so many excellent players work together in great teams, T1’s performance is unmatched. It is also questionable whether a team will ever be able to do this again.

How are the best players chosen? There’s an election that involves about 40 people, including team managers, casters, analysts and reporters. You have chosen the 5 players of T1.

Faker is very special in LoL:


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